Date: 28th May 2012 at 8:19pm
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Another day, another Eden Hazard soundbite.

The Belgian midfielder took to Twitter this morning to state that he had finally made up his decision in regards to which English club he would be joining, but is he really sure?

Hazard has flirted with almost every big team in Europe (and some small ones *cough* Liverpool *cough*) but thankfully @FootballFunnys have been on hand to capture every flirtation.

Eden you little tease you, all this time I thought you only had eyes for us!


18 responses to “Picture: The Madness Of Eden Hazard In Quotes”

  1. John Ellis says:

    He is joining the Champions League winners Chelsea – 6 mins ago on his Twitter page. Ah well!

  2. Jonathan says:

    If he does chose us (which I’m skeptical about), I wouldn’t be able to pretend I wasn’t excited given his talent. However, all this ego stroking concerns me about his character and whether he would stay long-term or simply leave if he was thrown more money or if a particular season didn’t go so well.

  3. Kevin says:

    i am pleased he is join non manchester club and i am man utd

    i have my reason for don’t want hazard join man utd

  4. LUCIO says:


  5. jojo says:

    apparently he’s joining chelsea, so much for footballing reasons eh? ££££££££££££

  6. eden who?? says:

    #fuckhazard that’s the new twitter movement lets get it trending ha

  7. Chudi says:

    Can you imagine? 10 days ago I’m 100% sure Chelsea weren’t even on his radar!

    Agree with Jonathan, was slightly excited but his conduct since January has been peculiar. From that video for Nike to his courting of all of these different teams, but not our problem now I guess

  8. Jay says:

    can’t hide my disappointment. will be a star for them in a team with mata ramires and torres. hope fergie can bring in a few quality names too. hazard seems to have that self confidence/arrogance that ronaldo had. Sad thing is I think we need a player like that.

  9. Nigel says:

    I’m not going to lie, I am really disappointed he is joining Chelsea. Hazard was our attempt to make a big statement in the transfer market and we failed. He choose to reject us and that’s a worrying sign. I mean Chelsea won the CL, but they finished 6th and have no proper manager. They still managed to convince him to go there.

    It seems we are not attracting the top young players abroad anymore. Alexis Sanchez last summer choose Barcelona and didn’t want Man Utd either. Nasri obviously didn’t see Man Utd as enough of an attraction to reject the big money offer from Man City.

    It’s been a long time since the Man Utd fans got excited about a signing and I sense this summer won’t be any different. We might get someone but I doubt they will excite us like when we signed Rooney. The fact is when we go head to head with other top teams in the world we never get the player. We only win the race for English players, but not for top foreign stars now.

  10. Andrew says:

    @Nigel I feel your disappointment mate, it is frustrating. Hazard would have been a good signing for us and someone we would have been excited about watching as well. I agree that we haven’t had a signing that got us out of seats with excitement.

    Its been a while but we did get them in the past. I mean Ronaldo and Rooney did join us. We also got players like Van Nistelrooy and Veron in the past. I agree that it doesn’t happen these days because we seem to get beaten easily when it comes to wages. I hope it’s the wages and not that players don’t want to join us any more.