Date: 30th May 2012 at 3:21pm
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Reports from Spain are claiming that PSG are ready to offer €150m for the services of Wayne Rooney.

PSG are financially strong having been taken over by the Qatari Investment Authorities, and they wasted no time flexing their muscles by signing Argentine midfielder Javier Pastore.

Despite their financial position they were pipped to the title by Montpellier on the last day of the season, so they are expected to make a statement in the transfer market with a marquee signing.

With Champions League football secured they will need to strengthen and it is being said that one of the players they have their eyes on Wayne Rooney.

At the moment this is just a rumour (emanating from Spain of all places!) but hypothetically speaking, if this was proven to be true and we could sell Rooney for £95m (the rest of the money in the fee quoted goes to paying his wages over 5 years), would you be happy for United to do so?

Ronaldo went for an astronomical £80m so £95m would be brilliant business but at the same time Rooney works at United. Before that contract saga I would have said he is United, but despite that unfortunate occurrence he works and there are few players that would be able to ‘fit’ United the way he does.

If the majority of the money was guaranteed to be reinvested in the team would you be willing to let Wayne go? Vote in the poll below and feel free to leave reasons for and against in the comments below.

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21 responses to “How would you deal with this Rooney situation?”

  1. @->- says:

    Take the money, spent it all on Lucas and Neymar of Santos. They have all the skill and grace possessed by classic players of yesteryear. They will be superstars, why not at Manchester United? We don’t have one worldwide superstar to be proud of anymore.

    Apart from the obvious, they will bring out the best in the current squad we have. Rafael, Fabio & Anderson, (not to mention the new crop of Brazilian’s playing for the youth team and our other players from South America) will thrive in this environment, bringing back that flair we’ve been missing.

    This could help solve the midfield and fullback problem (if Anderson & Twins perform) saving us a small fortune in the process.

    Add Kagawa & a Df Mid, clear out the deadwood and we’ll have broken even. All while perfecting the squad and becoming the most multinational, most marketable and most successful team around both in current and emerging markets.

  2. Phil says:

    Sell Rooney to service the debt. Sounds good to a gnome. And Gill. And Fergie can spout some BS about market value whilst telling everyone Scholes is like a new signing. Deluded fucks the lot of you #FCUM

  3. agibu jalloh says:

    selling rooney is not the problem but what to do with the the money going to be kept into the bank for years to come or to bring in world class players?

  4. Man utd #1 says:

    Wat is wrong with you people?? Rooney is united!! Big shit if we got 150million for him look how much united dropped when we sold ronaldo (where did tat 80million go??) ya united might bring in some new talent. Or some cocky 20 year old. But more than likely SAF will get none of the money! Think back about the bicy Rooney scored this season he win d match. Remember the volly he scored against AC Milan tat won the match united would not have qualified own for tat goal. If we sell Rooney we could be selling Manchester Uniteds feature fuck the money keep Rooney

  5. Richard says:

    No way. It’s a lot of money, but if I had a choice between Ronaldo and the £80 million we got, then I would want Ronaldo back every time. If we had him still in our team then we would have won the title the last three seasons, no doubt. Players win you trophies and create history. Selling them for big money just clears the debts. We hardly went on a spending spree after selling Ronaldo.

  6. Bhavsi says:

    Ronaldo’s money was promised for the squad. However the transfer market bloated knowing United’s situation then.
    SAF can spend, but he sees value for money before investing, and doesn’t spend blindly. It’ll become a desperate situation to outbid other clubs to secure Rooney’s replacements. Plus you never know if RVP is for sale.
    So NO!

  7. UNITED says:

    Rooney is UNITED !!!!!!!!! in your dreams PSG and as it goes with ronaldo hope soon he will make his return