Date: 25th July 2012 at 9:55am
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Whilst the final day of last season will be on that sticks in the memory, United’s failure to retain the Premier League was down to more than a QPR capitulation at the Etihad Stadium.

Following Man City’s defeat to Arsenal in April Manchester United went a whopping 8 points clears and appeared to have built a lead that City would not be able to overturn, Sir Alex Ferguson is known for his teams hitting near imperious form in the latter part of the season and it appeared United would march on to the title.

This wasn’t to be the case and defeats to Wigan and City as well as a shattering draw with Everton saw Man City erode United’s lead and win the league on goal difference.

The players will have suffered on the final day hearing Man City come from behind to beat QPR, but will also know their mistakes elsewhere are what really cost them the title.

And Rio Ferdinand insists that these mistakes won’t be repeated this coming season, instead the team will use the disappointment to fuel their title charge as he told The Sun:

“Fair play to City. You’ve got to be a good team to win the league, so I wouldn’t take anything away from them.

“But if you gave us the last few games of the season and put us in that situation again, it wouldn’t happen – it was just madness. That’s down to us, though. We take full blame for it and don’t look to anyone else.

“You think to yourself that the young players will learn from last season.

“We would rather have won the league but it’s a valuable experience that I’m sure they’ll learn from because that feeling in the dressing-room after the Sunderland game isn’t one you want too many more times in your career, if any.

“The manager just said, especially to the young players in the dressing-room, to take on board what had just happened and learn from it. I remember when I first came to United and we lost the League Cup final to Liverpool.

” It was my first-ever final and the game just kind of passed me by because it can go that quick. If you don’t grasp the moment with both hands, there will be other similar opportunities that go amiss.

“So all through my career I’ve thought ‘That can’t happen again’ and, when you get those big games, you’ve got to make sure you’re ready and push yourself and your team-mates on as well.”


9 responses to ““We take full blame for it and don’t look to anyone else.””

  1. Trydent says:

    To those that voted sell in the Rooney poll ask yourselves where the money would go.The same place as the CR7 proceeds went!In the scums pockets!

  2. Neil Crosby says:

    Ferdinand cn continue forever with his excuses. He argues if United had their time again the same mistakes will not be made. Does he not understand the competition also learn from their mistakes and you can be sure City will not allow their ‘blip’ to be repeated.

    Fair play to United they got to 89 points with probably their worst team for 10 years and credit for most of that is Ferguson’s. Unless they buy big in the transfer market they will struggle to finish 3rd this coming season.

  3. jojo says:

    If vidic was fit no one could argue that united wouldnt have won it so the berties were lucky in that respect, city couldnt even beat us by a single point.

    Rio has 5 titles winners medals and 1 CL winners medal amongst other things, no city player will ever get near that, not at city anyway.

    • Ur a mong says:

      Balotelli 4 titles 1 champs league at just 21! Tevez 5 league 1 cl, yaya 5 and all prove at different clubs as well, spaz!

      • Jeremy Poynton says:

        Quite so!!

        Love the “couldn’t even beat us by one point”. Fact is – it wasn’t QPR giving up which won us the League, it was you giving up at the end of the 6-1 and you coming to the Etihad for a draw. That won us the league. Cheers mate!

      • jojo says:

        Exactly my point bertie, didnt win that at city did they? lol tevez won his 2 PLs and Cl at united, and he dont even wanna come off the bench for you lot.

        spent a billion and couldnt even win by a single point, your just lucky vidic was injured and your only chance next year will be to hope for more injuries for united.

        by the way 19 titles and 3 cl leagues won through skill without a sugar daddy. united have more titles than city have fans lol


  4. Clarence Sherwood says:

    QPR capitulation?
    They came to our place and scored two goals.
    United came to our place, played for a 0-0 draw and didn’t even have two shots.
    Enough of the excuses. This United team are officially the biggest bottle merchants in Premier League history. Eight points clear with six games to go and blew it. I bet Keegan was ‘really, really loving it’ that you took his crown.
    City will not let you back into it next season like we did this year, through inexperience

    • Jeremy Poynton says:

      Yes – Steve Bruce said that the first was the hardest, and that the year before, United bottled (his word) it. We didn’t bottle it – and now, how odd, all we hear is that the second win is the hardest. Make up your minds, FFS!

  5. bluecameltouchers says:

    abu dhabu fc were lucky on the last day, all them billions spent and could only win on goal difference against a depleted united side, it all seems a pretty hollow victory.

    Only won as many titles as huddersfield town though haha, always good for a chuckle are the massives