Date: 28th July 2012 at 12:49pm
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Yesterday it was revealed that Nuri Sahin was on the verge of joining a ‘top’ Premier League club, and whilst it appeared that Arsenal were favourites for the Turkish midfielder’s signature, Manchester United were also linked.

Sahin was an integral part of the Borussia Dortmund side that captured the Bundesliga in 2010/2011, scoring and creating goals as a deep lying playmaker.

His performances made him the talk of the Bundesliga, and the German player of the year had tongues wagging across Europe but ultimately it was Real Madrid who snapped him up for €10m, a fee anyone who has seen him play will confirm is a steal.

But things haven’t quite gone to plan for him at the Bernabeu.

Injury initially slowed his progress, but even when he regained fitness he found it hard to get into Jose Mourinho’s team and by the season’s end had made just 10 appearances, more of those as a substitute than as a starter. It is unclear why Jose Mourinho is reluctant to use Sahin in a better capacity than he does, this isn’t to say he should be selected ahead of either Alonso or Khedira, but he is definitely better than 4 starts in a season.

Yesterday Mourinho openly admitted that Sahin, as well as former United tormentor Kaka, could have to leave to find first team football,

“I want to be honest and Sahin is living in this grey zone because the market is open.

“If the possibility arises for him to go to another place it would be better for him to leave and to be able to have more minutes on the pitch.”

The quotes are quite ambiguous, but it is being reported that Mourinho is speaking of a loan move for the midfielder so would United signing Sahin be a bad thing?

I have read some comments where fans have claimed taking him on loan would be the move of a small(er) club and that we shouldn’t be looking to nurture talent for Real.

Whilst this is somewhat of an arrogant stance to take, there is an element of truth in this, especially if there is no option to make the deal permanent. It would be a stop gap solution, one that whilst benefitting us in the short run would benefit Real in the long run, as he would get the game time he needs as well as benefit from the experience of being at United. You can also assume there would also be a loan fee as well as wages to be paid by us too.

That being said a player of Sahin’s ilk isn’t often available as readily as this and grabbing him now could prove a smart move by Sir Alex. He would be able to fit into the team and play in a deep lying play maker role alongside Scholes  or Carrick and would also be the often spoken of CM signing United fans have been crying out for for years.

It has already been confirmed that this will be Scholes’ last season, so if Sahin is available on loan with a view to make the deal permanent we can essentially sample the milk before buying the cow. If he isn’t what we are looking for or the move doesn’t work out, there is no attachment and he can return to Real Madrid no longer our problem

Sahin is a very able player, as stated before he created and scored goals for Dortmund as deep lying playmaker. His technical ability; touch, passing, shooting as well as his set piece delivery all set him up to go on and be one of the best midfielders in Europe prior to his move to Real Madrid, but it’s not just offensively that Sahin impressed. The defensive side of his game is just as good, he reads the game brilliantly making key interceptions and he isn’t a wallflower, willing to get stuck in if needed.

In recent times, Real Madrid have become known for consigning quality players to the scrap heap with Van Der Vaart, Sneijder, Robben, Cambiasso amongst others to be deemed surplus to requirements only to go on and excel elsewhere, so the fact that Sahin isn’t deemed good enough for Mourinho’s side doesn’t mean he isn’t good enough for us.

Sahin is a quality player, would add to our team (in my opinion), is apparently available and at what The Glazers would deem the right price (a permanent transfer shouldn’t require an extortionate fee considering his situation in Spain), yet I am still unsure that we will see him at Old Trafford. Whilst Arsene Wenger has ruled his side out of the running for Sahin, there is still the chance that Real will attempt to use him as a makeweight for their potential signing of Luka Modric.

Grabbing him now would make sense and whilst some will grumble about signing a ‘Real Madrid castoff’, I think if he can stay injury free and get into his groove, that grumbling will soon die down.


15 responses to “Signing Sahin Wouldn’t Show A Lack Of Ambition”

  1. Jonathan says:

    Stole the words out of my mouth! Great article Chudi and let’s hope we can get this done.

    • Chudi says:

      Think it’s a year and a half/2 years ago you alerted me to him! Crazy that a player of his ability finds himself in the position he does but hopefully we can benefit from it

      • Jonathan says:

        I agree with your part regarding that a so-called ‘castoff’ from Madrid does not mean they are that in the conventional sense. They’ve discarded innumerable quality players so it is no cause for concern.
        I can’t understand why management wouldn’t simply rush in and get him, but I guess we never know all the details. But the fact that Madrid are openly pursuing another player in his position and stated he’s in a “grey area” leads me to believe we have no reason not to pick him up.
        Moura seems very talented; but the fact that Sahin is proven and certainly meets more of a positional need tells me he should be the priority.

  2. adam says:

    It would be great to see Sahin at OT. He is one of the best young MD in Europe. He has everything He is far way better than Carrick. He is also better than Moutinho. He would give as just what we need in midlefilder area 😀

  3. Edwin says:

    Da boy suits united skilled &tactical

  4. LUCIO says:


  5. Jed says:

    Man City fan here, so by all means tell me to go away! But this would be a cracking signing I think. I hate to admit it, but Ferguson is often undoubtedly brilliant in the transfer market (bar a few exceptions) and this would make a huge difference to your midfield. OK, going now!

  6. OllieWillieFC says:

    How do you write this piece without mentioning Sahin’s once prosperous relationship with Kagawa at Drortmund?? Surely a huge pro in the Sahin loan/buy argument.

    • Chudi says:

      Definitely a pro but it is nowhere near a cert that they will be able to replicate what they had at Dortmund. Many have tried before to no avail ie Blackburn with Cole & York.

  7. j says:

    Even kaka would be a good signing, he is on the cheap aswell, and he played well in the few games he participated in last season

  8. IVOR IRWIN says:

    Best piece you’ve written in yonks and Yonks, Chudi me old mate. The intangible factor to me is that we don’t know how much pleasure he gets in playing with Shinji. Clearly, though, from watching BD two seasons ago in the Bundesliga, they mesh superbly and when loan time is up BOTH clubs will want BOTH of them. That is, umm, if he comes in the first place, of course.

    • Chudi says:

      Long time Ivor! Hope you are well mate.

      Would like to see if they can replicate the chemistry shown previously, would definitely benefit us both domestically and in Europe.

  9. Liverpool fan says:

    Morons….Still Can’t compete in the transfer market ,eh??

    • Alec says:

      its different when your competing for players who represent mid table teams or players who come from the championship. Joe Allen is not an option for United here

  10. dresses says:

    I guess, it comes down to 87088 simple choice!