Date: 3rd August 2012 at 7:59pm
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As he enters his final season, Sir Alex Ferguson has conceded that he faces an impossible task in replacing Paul Scholes.

Scholes retired at the end of the 10/11 season, and whilst United got off to a good start to the 11/12 season the team felt his absence in the long run. His return in January coincided with United picking up form, and we almost saw a fairytale ending to the story, but United were pipped to the title by Man City on the final day of the season.

Now Scholes, as well as Ryan Giggs, is entering into his ultimate season and Sir Alex knows that he faces the unenviable task of replacing the finest player this country has produced in the past 20 years as he explained to ManUtd.Com:

“A year ago, he was coaching my Reserves team.

“Now he’s back playing and everybody attached to United is absolutely delighted because he’s such a fantastic player.

“In the long term, trying to replace Paul is a different issue all together. It’s going to be very, very difficult. To replace a great player like that would be hard for anyone.”


7 responses to ““To replace a great player like that would be hard for anyone.””

  1. diyamhd says:

    pls sign nuri sahin….he can success at theatre of dreams…he got the ability and skill…

  2. Richard says:

    I agree with the post above…..Nuri Sahin would be a very good addition. Mourinho has said he can leave and I think Ferguson should offer £8 million and get him in. He is a young deep lying play-maker. He would complement our group of central midfielder’s well. I would be happy to go into next season with Carrick, Cleverley, Sahin, Anderson, Scholes and Giggs available in central midfield. Fletcher could return and Jones can play defensive midfield.

    …………..Dea Gea…………





    The story around Lucas won’t go away even though I’m not that excited by his potential arrival. He is definitely a talented player but I don’t believe he’s worth the amount being talked about. Also he is mainly right sided and we need a talented left footed attacker. I really wanted James Rodriguez and I would have much preferred us investing £30 million on him.

  3. marky boy says:

    lewandowski done deal german press gone nuts!!!!

  4. Adam says:

    BILD are the major newspaper in Germany and they are reporting that a deal is being put together for Robert Lewandowski to arrive next summer. We won’t know until next season if there is any truth to it, but if we don’t sign Van Persie it might give us an indication.

    Man Utd don’t seem to be getting any deals done this summer. Lucas Moura is a very talented young player but I would agree that the fee is very high. We need a central midfielder to take over Scholes long-term. I would agree that Nuri Sahin is a good option, but he looks to be joining Arsenal.

  5. John says:

    Nick Powell will replace Paul Scholes in the long-term. They have both started out in similar fashions as they bothed played the deep lying forward position. Ferguson has said Powell will be a central midfielder and that is where he will develop. Scholes will work with him this season and train him. Powell looks promising and he has goals in him.

    This season will be for Tom Cleverley to develop a partnership alongside Carrick. Anderson will also be part of this group, but Cleverely will be the main guy I feel. He is the type of energetic and technical player we are crying out for in the middle. He needs luck with injury but if he gets a run then he will flourish. He has been the main player in the Team GB so far.

    ……………Dea Gea…………





    We need another full back to challenge Evra. We could do with a more defensive midfielder as well. Carrick, Cleveley, Anderson and Powell are all talented, but lack a real fight in them like Butt and Keane had. If Lucas Moura arrives he will develop like Ronaldo did and be on the bench sometimes and starting games as well. In a couple of years he will then be ready to blow up. Moura is mainly potential and not the ready made player.

  6. Steve says:

    @John above….we need to get Victor Wanyama. He is the powerful and quick central midfielder that we need to add to the squad. I agree that this season is big for Tom Cleverley as we need him to take control of the centre of midfield. He would have succeeded last season if it wasn’t for the dirtiest players in history called Kevin Davies.

    A partnership between Cleverley and Carrick is how I would like it to develop. We have the quality of Scholes available, as well as the potential in Nick Powell, who could very well be his long-term replacement. Anderson looks very determined and focused to be successful again. Ferguson will give him another season and hope he can finally recover from his injuries and stay fit all season. If he does then he is valuable to the squad.

    We have to accept that this is a transition season now for the centre of midfield, a big one. Scholes and Giggs are entering the last season. It will all fall on how Cleverley, Anderson and Powell develop and if they show they are the future. Carrick is the first name on the team sheet for midfield now to be honest.

    I feel we need to add a powerful option to the squad and Victor Wanyama seems perfect. A young player who we can nurture and won’t cost the bomb either. He can be a squad player while he develops over the next couple of years. He would bring a very good option to the squad.

    I hope we sign Wanyama, Lucas and a new left back before the season starts. Lucas Moura is great potential and that is why Ferguson wants him. He can be a world class player like Ronaldo was and someone who is the difference between winning and drawing matches. However he would be expensive and still a player for the future.

  7. sophie says:

    Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.