Date: 17th August 2012 at 10:30am
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It appears Sir Alex Ferguson has ruffled some feathers in the blue part of Manchester after beating Roberto Mancini to the signature of Robin Van Persie.

The Arsenal striker was tracked by United, City and Juventus after announcing his intention to leave Arsenal but ultimately chose Manchester United and has been undergoing a medical ahead of a move to Old Trafford.

Seen as a player that can help United reclaim the Premier League title from Man City, largely Van Persie signing has been positively received.

But former Man City striker Rodney Marsh is sceptical and questions what message Sir Alex has sent out by signing the 29 year old as he told BBC Sport:

“Van Persie is Ferguson’s last-ditch effort to reclaim the title back from Manchester City.

“It tinges a touch of desperation on Manchester United’s part based on the fact that they have spent an incredible amount of money for an ageing player.”

But whilst he questions Sir Alex’s decision to bring Van Persie in, he acknowledges that Van Persie will make United a serious threat to Man City’s hopes of retain the title:

“I still feel City are the favourites, they are the team to beat. But when you throw in the wildcard of Van Persie, he is probably the one player that could take Manchester United back to the top.”


11 responses to ““It tinges a touch of desperation on Manchester United’s part””

  1. Mark says:

    He ultimately chose the only club who matched his wage demands and Arsenals asking price, but saying that, if he repeats last years exploits he’ll justify the price.

    • pappas says:

      lastseason was the only season RVP finnished without an injury so good luck to United for buying an ageing,fragile Duchman

  2. Ben says:

    City aren’t even as good as they think, they have one reliable striker – Aguero. Tevez doesnt want to be there, Dzeko is an average player and Balotelli has the temperament of a child. I’d be surprised if they won the league again.

    City are a negative club, they were ‘desperate’ up until last season. Signing Tevez was extremely desperate. What’s funny is that they could have got much more quality for their money, but they’ve fucked themselves over with the ridiculous sums of money they’ve spent. So now, they can barely improve on their current squad, who are not world beaters. Suddenly United look like the fantasy team in Manchester, because City – believe it or not – signed too small, and guess what else? They obviously can’t operate successfully as a transparent business.

  3. blueknight says:

    ben 1-6 & 1-0 & we won it in fergi time hahahahaha CHAMPIONS oF ENGLAND & MANCHESTER

    • gB says:


    • Ben says:

      Give me an intelligent comeback and I’ll respond. As you know, football isn’t just about the here and now, but City have acted that way and it’s undone them in this transfer window. They’ve had to act like a normal club financially because they signed players for more than they were worth because of desperation to win silverware.

      So you can have your freak – and it was that – 6-1. You can push that for the years to come, and you will, because City fans are generally small-minded idiots who only care about beating United.

      We won’t push the thrashings we’ve dealt you over the years, but we will push our 19 titles compared to your 1. It’s not just about the here and now.

      City fans getting too excited ay?

      Give me an intelligent response, go on. You haven’t got one, most likely because you’re thick.

  4. Kungfu king says:

    This from the fountain of knowledge that is Motor mouth Marsh.
    Stick to speaking about natural disasters Marsh as you are a natural born prick of the highest order. You never know if your lucky The National Geographic channel might give you a job discussing volcanoes, earthquakes etc as you are such a world renowned expert in this field.

  5. Ben's Medical Advisor says:

    Haha Ben! Thats some retort but you should of done your homework first. No world class players? i wonder why Madrid, Milan, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Inter, Barcelona are sniffing round our players? Phil Jones at best will end up at Sunderland. Smalling at Everton and Cleverly loaned to Stoke. You’ve only got 3 players at a push who would if a look in at the big clubs. 690 million fans and your in debt? Maybe its down to the surge in Norwich scarves and decline in red key rings.

    • Ben says:

      First of all, your grammar is appalling. Secondly, I never said City don’t have world class players, but for the price obey they’ve spent, they could have a better squad. Swap Milner with Kaka, Dzeko for Ibrahimovic, sort Ballotelli’s head out and give Tevez some better discipline regarding his stance on relation to the club. Then you would have a squad that could do very well in Europe as well as I’m the league. Teams like Napoli schooled you last season, as United were also, but United have addressed our issues. The midfield will be more creative with Kagawa and Fletcher could make a comeback, he’d make all the difference. We have signed one of the world’s best with Van Persie and I suspect there will be a buzz around the team that will make the lesser players perform better, as City’s did last season.

      I think United will have the bit between their teeth now, but City will obviously be feeling confident after last season. I think City are going to try and sign one big player before the window ends, but they’re probably going to have to offload at least one or two.

      The (joke of a) deal with Etihad doesn’t make you invincible.

      As for us only having three players that would get a look in at top teams. Well Madrid wanted Nani, so there’s one, two – Rooney, three – VAN PERSIE!!!, 4 – Vidic, Madrid want Chicharito – 5, more assists than any of your players, Valencia – 6 top players, 7 – Paul Scholes, 8 – Ryan Giggs, 9 Shinji Kagawa. Then there is a supreme wealth of talent in Ferdinand, Carrick Welbeck, Young and possibly Berbatov and Fletcher. They are all players who can compete extremely well at a high level and I’m sure the season will show that. The jury is still out on Smalling, Jones, the Da Silvas and Tom Cleverly, but they have all shown what they can do when they are in form, don’t mistake that.

  6. des says:

    rodney marsh typifies city – bitter c*unts who were shit players at a shit club

    what exactly did marsh achieve in his career? nobody knows

  7. Kungfu king says:

    @Bens medical
    690 million fans,at least it’s 689.960.000 more fans than follow your little club. What is the population of stockport?.