Date: 1st October 2012 at 4:04pm
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Following Saturday’s game against Tottenham, Alan Hansen has voiced his concerns about Rio Ferdinand, a man he claims was undoubtedly one of the best defenders in the world and is the best defender in the history of the Premier League.

Ferdinand was caught cold for 2 of Spurs’ goals on Saturday, beaten for pace by Gareth Bale for the second and then allowing Jermain Defoe to cut in after trying to force him wide for the 3rd.

Whilst he still believes Ferdinand is a very good player, Hansen feels almost aged 34 and with a history of injuries, the defender has seen his best days and may become a liabilty to United as the season progresses.

Speaking in his column in The Telegraph, the former Liverpool defender said:

“In my opinion, Ferdinand has been the best defender in the history of the Premier League and, while his loss of pace means he is no longer a great player, he is still a very good one.

“Rio Ferdinand, with his 34th birthday approaching next month, is hardly the future and that reality was brutally exposed against Tottenham.

“Rio was once blessed with pace and, when he was at his best, was undoubtedly one of the best defenders in the world. But the injuries that have stalked him in recent seasons, particularly his back problem, have led to the situation where he now finds himself in real trouble if he progresses beyond the 18-yard line.

“If he was able to play every game defending the edge of the 18-yard box, as Chelsea did against Barcelona in the Nou Camp last season, Rio would be able to get the cigars out and play in cruise control.

“But he has to play a higher line for United because they are an attacking side and that means he is vulnerable whenever he comes up against somebody with pace.”


15 responses to ““Ferdinand has been the best defender in the history of the Premier League””

  1. Alfie says:

    Get a grip, no he’s not. Even your own Vidic is far better. Ledley King,John Terry and Sol Campbell were far far better. Ferdinand is merely a product of selfappreciation ala Beckham. Lately he has totally soiled any credance he had with his silly nouveau twitter comments. He will be remembered as a look at me while I jump on scorers back bad influence. He could have gained respect by guiding his little brother over the Terry affair. Instead he prolonged it purely for personal reasons. Hes old,flat and slow. He never has been much better. Crap article about an overblown egoistic modern day footballer.

  2. Simmo says:

    Bit of advice Alfie, stay off the booze mate! If you think that any of the players you mention have been better than Rio you need your head examined.
    Loved your quote about ‘overblown, egotistic modern day footballer’. Surely this can only apply to your beloved John Terry!! He’s a racist knuckle scraping yob!

  3. John says:

    Are you mad Ledley king was better than him with one knee the only reason he got all his England caps was because of injuries to Ledley and Woodgate he was good but not only by default the two players above where better and also people like Lucas redabe ate up there I could go on but Ledley us true class

  4. Steve says:

    I’m a tottenham fan and hate to admit it but Ferdinand was/is not good enough to lace up the boots of Arsenal’s old guard. Ferdinand’s good but not great and we won’t be talking about him in 10 years time like we still do with Adams/Keown/Bould/Dixon/Winterburn

  5. John says:

    To Steve above how can you talk about arsenals back four as a spurs fan Ledley was better than all of them it’s such a shame he played in many average spurs sides

  6. suman mgr says:

    ledleyy kng was the bestt..even with just one knee

  7. Islington Spur! says:

    Yes old ferdie,self appointed senior statesman of English football,except the fella doesn’t advise that well does he?? He should have told his kid brother to concentrate on his ‘football’ instead of trying to make his name off the pitch.Mind you Anton is a joke of a footballer,maybe that isn’t possible.

  8. racist fools says:

    lol. Love the knob jockeys who think its the Ferdinands fault that a sumbag like Terry can racially abuse on the pitch and then act the slime ball after the fact.

    PS. Ledley King was a broken down goat of a player. A player with the emptiest trophy cabinet in football.

    • Islington Spur! says:

      Are you racist?? I think you are,you tell me what the word means,if you like using it so much:)

  9. Joe says:

    Ledley King????? Jesus give me a break. Paul McGrath has no knees and was twice the player that King was!!!!

  10. Rob says:

    Ferdy has ALWAYS been over-rated. He is good, thats true, but one of the best in the world? No far from it. King was better (baring his injury). I don’t even like Terry but he is better to! Even Garry Mabbutt was better!