Date: 31st October 2012 at 9:10pm
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Always known for our sense of humour Manchester United decided to pay homage to the (our) 12th man on Sunday, Mark Clattenburg, with a banner.

With all the outrage felt by Chelsea’s fans after Sunday’s defeat, what better way to wind them up with a mock up of their own famous John Terry banner?


4 responses to “PICTURE: United Pay Homage To Mark Clattenburg”

  1. that is legendary…made me laugh…just watched the game proud of the youngsters and the old man giggs. Chelsea had to play a virtually strong team and were 15 seconds away from going out….futures bright futures uniteds. They are away to swansea at the weekend and the spine of their team have just played a very tough fixture for over an hour each. The way swansea pass the ball should be an interesting game.

  2. Deyinka says:

    Making light of a messy situation like the alleged racist referee clattenburp is immature blogging and you are obviously African from ur name if he is found guilty u should feel stupid. Look at the ppl holding that banner none of them can relate to mikels struggle…u should

    • Chudi says:

      The irony of the banner is lost on you.

      Suddenly Chelsea are outraged about what Clattenburg may or may not have said yet they have a man who the world saw use racist language as their captain?

      The banner praising him still hangs and any time Rio Ferdinand touches the ball against Chelsea he is boo’ed, his only crime? Standing up for his brother!

      Also isn’t this the same Mikel who rather than risk his Chelsea career, decided to say he didn’t hear anything despite being close to the incident?

      Finally please don’t make this about race, you cheapen such matters with you shitty attempts. The banner is SOLELY about the fact people think we had Clattenburg in our pocket on Sunday and in no way endorses what he may (or may not) have said.

      Feel stupid?

      Oh ok, thanks for stopping by.


  3. akin says:

    What is deyinka’s problem