Date: 11th November 2012 at 11:26am
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David De Gea: had a pretty decent game considering the level of our performance. Whilst some will say he should have done better with Villa’s first, his vision was obscured and he more than made up for this when he made a point blank save from Weimann to stop him getting a hat trick.

After United took the lead, Villa sought to bombard us aerially and De Gea made some impressive punches to keep the threat to our goal at a minimum. 7

Rafael: Whilst everyone spoke of the threat Agbonlahor presented, I feel Rafael dealt with him pretty easily. He also tried to get forward as United looked to up their level of performance and provided the assist for Hernandez’s second, but with getting forward there was always the chance he could get caught out of position as he did for Villa’s 1st. 7

Patrice Evra: Considering Weimann was his man the fact he got 2 goals speaks volumes! Not really, positionally Pat wasn’t at his best and it’s fair to say his better moments came in Villa’s half as he looked to get the game going for United breaking into the box and cutting the ball back or crossing the ball in. 6

Chris Smalling: Fresh back from injury and his second game in days so I will put what Benteke did to him for Villa’s opener down to that. Beyond that Smalling actually had a decent game and dominated in the air as Villa tried different methods to get at United’s goal. 6

Rio Ferdinand: Was far from a good game for Rio and seemed to be on his heels for large parts. Weimann’s point blank range header in the second saw him ghost past Ferdinand to the ball and that was endemic of the defender’s day, a second or two off the pace. 5

Paul Scholes: One of Scholes’ worst performances in recent memory and he still managed to set up Javier Hernandez’s first goal. Misplaced passes galore including the one that lead to Villa’s second goal. 6

Michael Carrick: Usually provides a goal shield for the defence but failed to do that against Villa. He and Scholes, despite seeing a lot of the ball failed to make good use of it disappointing considering the level of opposition they faced. 6

Antonio Valencia: So one footed it’s painful and it hurts the team at times. Villa doubled up on him to neutralise his threat and largely succeeded, at one point forcing him back to the half way line because he couldn’t get his cross in or a pass off. Even when he was able to get the ball into the box his crossing wasn’t up to his usual standard. 5

Ashley Young: Booed mercilessly by his old fans and it appeared to get under his skin as he saw a lot of the ball early on but failed to do anything with it (story of our night really!) Saw a shot whistle wide, but beyond that was the right man to be subbed off at half time. 5

Wayne Rooney: Struggled to influence the game even though he was constantly trying to get a hold of the ball. Worked hard as is to be expected of Rooney but that simply wasn’t enough against Villa. Worryingly picked up an ankle knock. 6

Robin Van Persie: Like Rooney he buzzed about struggled to impact the game until late on but when he came to life Villa felt it! Hammered the cross bar twice in the space of a minute or so then placed the ball ever so sweetly on Javier Hernandez’s head for United’s winner. 7


Javier Hernandez: I owe him a steak dinner and a few drinks after his hat trick (brace) rescued United. Came on and made the difference with his off the ball play as well as his sharp finishing. The calls for his departure a few months or so seem pretty premature now! 9

Anderson: Came on to add urgency and energy to this lacklustre performance. Did so as he got amongst Aston Villa’s midfield giving them a tougher game than they had before he came on. 6

Tom Cleverley: Many called for Cleverley to start this one and after a while when it became apparent that things weren’t working the calls got louder. He came on and the tempo of our game picked up and he helped us keep the ball too. 6


6 responses to “PLAYER RATINGS vs Aston Villa”

  1. zob says:

    Rooney didn’t influence the game???? what about that beautiful pass to rafael for the second goal? I don’t know why Rooney is always underrated…always.

    • Chudi says:

      *Yawn* Please don’t make out like I’m some sort of Rooney hater, this was one of his poorer performances in a run of good games.

      I’m sure he will tell you himself it wasn’t one of his best, he tried but not a lot came off for him

  2. Rúnar says:

    “Tom Cleverley: Many called for Cleverley to start this one and after a while when it became apparent that things weren’t working the calls got louder. He came on and the tempo of our game picked up and he helped us keep the ball too. 6”
    We got 70% possession in first half, I think that some people call that “keep the ball”

    • joe says:

      70% posession, yet it only took 2 miss-placed passes to gift 2 goals. Possession stats have no bearing on how many times the ball is given away unforced. to have numbers forward and men out of position as you normally do when you control possession, means a misplaced pass gives easy counter. also when you are dominating a team there is no excuse for loosing possession easily.

    • Chudi says:

      We kept the ball in the first did little with it, in the second when he came we were continually misplacing pass with the person he replace Paul Scholes guilty of more than a few.

      As we went looking for a way back into the game he ensured that we had the ball and used it well enough to do so.

  3. kieran says:

    without wanting to look like I’m going off on here…
    Scholes can’t play in a 2 man central midfield anymore as his legs aren’t up to it (not criticising his ability!!!)
    Valencia has been sussed out by a number of teams already this season (one-footed beyond belief as alluded to here)
    Carrick’s all round play is very safe and can stagnate momentum (never really takes people on – I know it’s not “what his game is about” but surely it wouldn’t hurt him to up the pace a little)