Date: 15th November 2012 at 7:16pm
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With Steven Gerrard making his 100th appearance for England this week, the country’s media has been fawning over the Liverpool captain.

But not Roy Keane!

The United captain has separated himself from the masses to voice his opinion on Gerrard, claiming he falls short in comparison to other great central midfielders of the Premier League era.

Gerrard was often compared with Keane and made a habit of dragging his mediocre Liverpool side across the line with impressive solo performances, but Keane feels despite this he is still steps behind the likes Paul Scholes and Patrick Vieira.

Speaking on ITV yesterday, Keane said:

“Gerrard is a good player, but not a great one.

“He’s had a tough couple of years for Liverpool. He’s shown he is capable of winning games on his own, but I don’t think he’s made the players around him much better.

“Gerrard is maybe a little behind the likes of Scholes and Vieira when it comes to Premier League greatness, but he’s a top player.”


20 responses to ““Gerrard is maybe a little behind the likes of Scholes and Vieira””

  1. ste says:

    Whether currently playing, retired or merely “followers” sitting in the stands munching the prawn sandwiches, Liverpool obsessed manc freaks all.

    • legal advice says:

      ste Says:.
      November 15th, 2012 at 7:27 pm

      Whether currently playing, retired or merely “followers” sitting in the stands munching the prawn sandwiches, Liverpool obsessed manc freaks all……said on a Manc blog by a scouser….oh the irony…lol

  2. Fairway says:

    Yeah, a real unbiased opinion there!

    Paul Scholes is a great player and Steven Gerrard is a great player. If you look at their respective records in terms of appearances and goals, Gerrard is slightly ahead even though, as has been pointed out, he has played in an inferior team throughout his career compared to Scholes.

    What makes Scholes a better player than Gerrard? As usual Keane doesn’t back it up with any facts!

    Oh well – I’m impressed he managed to string that many words together in to an almost coherent sentence!

    • legal advice says:

      Couple more than Stevie me can manage i guess….

      • Trydent says:

        Unless gerrard’s standing in a court telling lies! LOL.

        • Fairway says:

          I take it you were in the bar then and saw exactly what happened.

          Why didn’t you give evidence at court then – you could have got him banged up. What a claim to fame that would be in your sad, little world!

      • Fairway says:

        That’s right, focus on the throwaway comment at the end rather than the real content of the post.

        Can’t argue with it I suppose!

    • mark says:

      He may be slightly ahead goals wise but at least half of stevie gs goals come from free kicks or penalty kicks whereas i cant recall scholes taking many free kicks or penalties

  3. REG says:

    Funny how mancs agree with Roy Keane now. not when he ridicules fergie and united from time to time.

    Gerrard is always be level above scholes. who has done nothing in his international career.

    • warrioragainstignorantfans says:

      A few things here. 1, What exactly has Gerrard done in his international career that so outshines Scholes’. 2, Scholes has a more decorated club career. 3, Scholes is commonly lauded as the greatest english midfielder of his generation – look up quotes on scholes for further justification.

      • Dan says:

        Yeah ask Zidane see what he reckons.. Sure remember him sayin Gerard was the most complet midfielder in the world and the hardest he’s faced !!

        • Dave says:

          Zidane said scholes was the best midfielder of his generation and his toughest opponent . He Said Gerrard was might be one of the best. Which is a nice way to say he’s not. Also Gerrard came out this and scholes is the best player he has played with.

  4. redtum says:

    You could argue all day who’s the best,you forgot
    to mention that Gerrard said Scholes was the best
    player he’s played with for England also Gerrard’s carried a team on his own on numerous occasions scholes hasn’t and on that gerrards better.

  5. Olivavu says:

    Gerrard is a better all round player than Scholes. Scholes cannot tackle for one, while Gerrard is strong in all areas of the midfield game.

    They have both been awesome players and there is very little to choose between them overall.

    It is a shame that England haven’t seen the best of them. Their clubs certainly have though.

  6. fahdi says:

    steven gerrard is one of the best midfielder around the world not only premier league .
    he was the European player of the year in 2005 .
    he was premier league player of the year in .
    Zinedine Zidane said in 2009 that he considered Gerrard one of the best footballers in the world.
    Gerrard is widely regarded as one of the greatest English footballers ever, as well as one of the best midfielders of his generation. He has been described as “A real leader of men, Gerrard is a tireless runner and has superb vision. His striking from distance is feared around the world and he is a prolific scorer for a midfielder.”[
    but scholers he is a very funny player and even doesnt win any award in his entire career . and kean was defensive player like catamore so we cannt talk about him.

  7. Essigreb says:

    Scholes has the ability to make other players around him better, whereas Gerrard does not. I think that is what Keane means. Its not hard to find examples with Liverpool and England to back that up. Gerrard always seem to look for that pass that will turn into a goal – no matter where he is on the pitch. The team he plays for never relax having possession. Tactically he is a moron, but still he can be such a great player.

    I guess he is just stupid, thats all…

  8. virgopq says:

    Gerrard does not even come close to Scholes!. Man for man, playin’ in their fav position … Scholes is miles ahead!. The reason why Scholes did not shine for England was bcoz 1) he was pushed to e flanks to accommodate useless Gerrard & 2) he didn’t get as much playin’ time as Gerrard. Just look at what England hv achieved under Gerrard’s so-called leadership in midfield … BIG Fat ZERO!. And yes … it was Zidane who said Scholes is The complete midfielder in his generation & e hardest he’s played against!. Add to tt list … Edgar Davids & even Patrick Viera!!!. All of them r midfield greats themselves!. Gerrard is deemed good coz he’s playin wz clowns thru e yrs wz L’poo. He stands out easily coz e rest r … RUBBISH!. Scholes, on e otherhand commands players of top quality for decades in e colours of United … and is still doin’ it at age 37!!!. So, really, … there’s no comparison at all!!!.

  9. Peter says:

    Gerrard is a great player, Scholes was a great player, Viera was a great player but Keane was easily the best.