Date: 20th January 2013 at 6:48pm
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Very disappointed that the ref didn’t do anything about this, the French left back could have been seriously hurt!

It was good to see Evra laugh off the snow balls being thrown at him by Spurs fans, pretty sure we can all think of a player or two that wouldn’t have take it so lightly!


10 responses to “GIF: Spurs Fans Assault Evra!”

  1. jo says:

    can’t see fook all!!! lol

  2. rob says:

    just like you manager….

  3. tublu says:

    ASSAULT ? FFS you complete tool !

  4. James says:

    Really? Its just banter between players and fans, two it was only snowballs, and finally if we WERE to assult someone, it would had been either RVP, Carrick or Rooney. Not Evra.

  5. Gary fox says:

    Definitely could have been killed by a snowball. But how about his assaults on Lennon… the ball and after being booked? All the paper talk is about the possible man Utd penalty but nothing about kagawas grab at Parkers arm? he can’t challenge without grabbing an arm or shirt it seems. United very lucky today but know exactly how to intimidate refs by constantly challenging every decision or openly criticising a linesman by saying he has history against united. Will Old Rednose get into trouble…..course not. Will that linesmen get another big game….course not. Job done.