Date: 7th April 2013 at 5:59pm
Written by:

Cockney Red

The second episode of ‘Mouthy Reds’ is live and if I do says so myself, its rather good!

Justin from Red Flag Flying High, Dale from Stretty News, Sam from The People’s Person & I get down to the matters that matter for United fans discussing the lacklustre showing at Stamford Bridge on Monday and all it entails.

We preview tomorrow’s Manchester Derby and leading on from that, the matter of out of town support.

There is a myth that nobody in Manchester actually supports United and all United’s fans are foreign, something City fans love to go on about but as City have become more prominent there has been an influx of foreign faces at The Etihad.

Does it actually matter where you’re from?

We also look at FC United, the circumstances around the club’s conception and their relationship with Manchester United.

Like I said this is a good one so sit back and enjoy and if you have anything to say join the discussion, or have a subject you want us to address hit us on Twitter @MouthyRed


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