Date: 14th April 2013 at 8:44pm
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RVP hugs Sir Alex after scoring against Stoke

I don’t think anyone had any doubts that Arsenal are very much a distant memory for Robin Van Persie.

But just in case some delusional Gooners needed reminding that their former sweetheart has moved on to bigger and better things, his reaction to scoring his second half penalty today against Stoke was very much one of a man not only relieved but that is delighted with the man that made the dream of the little boy inside him come true.

There were so many good things about it; the passion with which RVP celebrated, Sir Alex levitating with happiness, Anders Lindegaard’s “awwwww”, I could go on!

Somewhere in North London Arsene Wenger is in a dark room playing break up songs crying uncontrollably… and I’m a bad person because this pleases me!

RVP celebrates with Sir Alex after scoring against Stoke


36 responses to “GIF IT: Sorry Arsenal, RVP Just Isn’t That Into You…”

  1. Eris says:

    That looks like a relieved man celebrating with a relieved old man, to me. Truth is van Persie always celebrated with the bench in his last season with Arsenal, so this isn’t a strange sight. What is strange is that some sad United fan found it worth doing an article for.

  2. JackFact says:

    Well, just shows you needed an Arsenal player to win back the title, ‘cos none of those sad fading players you had before would’ve helped you beat City.

    But as per usual, Alex Fergusson has to SPEND to win a trophy after not winning one. And this myth that City & Chelsea are the big spenders is so laughable when you see the fact that Fergie has broken the British Transfer record SEVEN times.

    So once again, he BOUGHT the title.

    Every season, a team wins the title, or the Champions League, or the FA Cup, or the league Cup. EVERY year!

    But only ONE team has EVER done a 38 game UNBEATEN season.
    ONLY ONE!!!!


    Until United do that – they are NOTHING compared to Arsenal!
    And their achievements are nothing compared to Liverpool’s European domination.

    But hey, spend spend spend and maybe someday you’ll go a whole season losing only 2-3 times. I doubt it.

    Come back to me when you are given a GOLD premiership trophy. Enjoy your silver one this year that has City’s fingerprints on it.

  3. Hv says:

    Well. We will enjoy it. The problem is when will u enjoy the premiershipn trophy? By the time u have it, it’ll have all Manutd Chelsea man city fingerprints on it with ours having the most since ur fingers have touched it

  4. Stay Classy. says:

    Plastic – just like the the United fans.

    Is there any other proof that United is the biggest plastic club going…?

    Plastic fans travelling up from London…?

    This article has made all United fans look like glory hunting clowns – (which the rest of the nation knew already…)

    United fans mocking a dead Stoke lad… real classy – just like this article.

  5. A Man Utd Fan says:

    I would just like to say to all you dumb faggots saying van persie left for the money that is a load of bullshit. Manchester city of course offered much more than Utd because they can afford too bu
    t did he accept more money at manchester city? NO so stfu he wanted to win something for a change (oooh well arsenal won this and that..oh yh how long ago was that???

  6. john says:

    The Premier League is devalued if the likes of an United can win it. Since it’s conception the richest Club of the day has always won it, with the exception being Arsenal who won it through sporting achievement, not some rich Sugar Daddy