Date: 14th April 2013 at 8:44pm
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RVP hugs Sir Alex after scoring against Stoke

I don’t think anyone had any doubts that are very much a distant memory for .

But just in case some delusional Gooners needed reminding that their former sweetheart has moved on to bigger and better things, his reaction to scoring his second half penalty today against Stoke was very much one of a man not only relieved but that is delighted with the man that made the dream of the little boy inside him come true.

There were so many good things about it; the passion with which RVP celebrated, levitating with happiness, ’s “awwwww”, I could go on!

Somewhere in North London Wenger is in a dark room playing break up songs crying uncontrollably… and I’m a bad person because this pleases me!

RVP celebrates with Sir Alex after scoring against Stoke