Date: 25th April 2013 at 7:16pm
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The Emirates

Everyone knows I love Arsenal, they sold us their best player last summer, but for some reason the feeling isn’t mutual.

This Sunday as we stroll into the Emirates as champions of England for a record 20th time, Arsene Wenger’s side will be giving us a guard of honour, a display of respect to our achievement, but it seems some of their fans are planning to spoil the celebration!

Initially Arsenal fans had planned to turn their backs on our team as they walked onto the pitch, but it has emerged that they are now planning to emulate Man City and do the Poznan.

I, like you probably are, was confused by this, are Arsenal trying to insult us or pay homage to the club that treats the Emirates like a supermarket, snapping up their talent at will every summer?

Having not won a trophy in 8 years I understand that they may be slightly bitter, or perhaps they have simply forgotten how to celebrate but this is poor form from ‘the greatest team the world has ever seen!’

For shame Arsenal, for shame!


33 responses to “Can Arsenal Get Any More Small Time?”

  1. KarlAFC says:

    Very sad to note the arrogance on here. Well done on winning an astounding 20 league titles, but how about waiting till the game itself before speculating about what our fans will or will not do?

    It’s only a game and I certainly hope the fans are adult enough to applaud your players as they come out, but if they don’t, you’ll still be champions so no big fucking deal to you lot.

    Was this just an opportunity to rub it in? Believe me, we know all about humility from recent years, and its a rather decent thing to have.

  2. Kurt says:

    You brain dead plastic morons.utd are shit as well.the Germans proved that this week

  3. Brian says:

    “Everyone knows I love Arsenal, they sold us their best player with whom we won the league last summer, but for some reason the feeling isn’t mutual.”

    Go back to grammar school!

  4. Lobsta says:

    Its not about you, couldn’t care less what team we played.. Its about that cunt

  5. Davido says:

    This article is as absurd as the usual crap that appears in The Daily Mail or The Express. Let’s all jump on the bandwagon and write worthless texts about what might or might not happen on Sunday. ‘RvP might shit his pants’ then again he might not. ‘Fergie’s nose might get redder’ (if that’s possible). ‘Carrick might get voted as player of the season’ ( now that is complete and utter shite). You see, we can all write about hypothetical situations that nobody gives a shit about.

  6. ganzo says:

    VP is the only player MUFC bought from Arsenal in the past several years. Get your facts straight before spewing crap like “supermarket” and “at will every summer”… This blog post was junk.

  7. hants gooner says:

    Isnt it a real shame that City didnt play at Old Trafford after they won the league as they clinched it in the last game of the season would love to have seen if the Man U fans would have given City a guard of honour

  8. morty says:

    VP is an ungrateful whore, MU are an institution that all teams should try to emulate. If anyone thinks VP gives two shits about Arsenal, they are fooling themselves. I hope BP gets an itchy rash on his yambag.