Date: 30th April 2013 at 11:54am
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Journo is weary of Sir Alex's mind games

Sir Alex Ferguson says over the past few months Manchester United have identified a number of players who they feel will be able to enhance the team.

Having won the title with relative ease, Sir Alex will be looking to further improve his side to ensure that United remain competitive next season, something many believe Man City failed to do.

Whilst admitting United don’t have the same financial power as Man City and Chelsea, Sir Alex believes that his side are still able to compete in the transfer market and have a number of targets in mind for the summer, having already brought Wilfried Zaha to the club.

Speaking to Inside United, the boss said:

“We’re competitive in the market – we’re not Chelsea or Manchester City in terms of money but we’re competitive.

“We’ve been doing a bit of work over the last three or four months, targeting who the players are that we feel could enhance us, make us better or help us maintain the level we’re at.

“Hopefully the players we bring into the club in the next year or so will be of the quality we need.”


13 responses to “Sir Alex Identifies Summer Transfer Targets”

  1. RedScot says:

    Tisk tisk Chudi; repeating what the Manchester United.Com have reported it’s such bad form mate.
    You really need to purchase the Inside United magazine.
    The July 2013 issue arrived on my doorstep two days ago.
    The full unabridged interview with the boss titled ‘On the Spot ‘ as it is described is on pages 12 – 16. The key paragraph on likely transfers is the last one in the article.
    Not for me to repeat the full article, that’s just plagiarism.
    Give my kindest regards to Dale, you see I could have provided that for him another ‘ wee ‘ article.
    But he fell out of love with me! lol
    Don’t be such a miser Chudi, subscribe to the effing magazine, you old skinflint.

    • Chudi says:

      You seem pretty upset that Dale deemed you not good enough for his site. Dunno what I have to do with this but carry on mate, very mature of you!

      • RedScot says:

        Ha Ha me not good enough for Stretty News 🙂
        Good enough for other sites though.
        You work it out Chudi.
        I was only pointing out reworking an article.
        I smell plagiarism in a instance.
        Did you detect ” You seem pretty upset” did you notice the ‘ lol ‘ in my post to your site?
        I guess not, does that imply I’m unhappy of course not.
        I do think I’m mature in my comments and balanced.
        Ask Dale how his interview with the Arse Blog went Chudi as you clearly are the United oracle.
        I will tell you; fail.
        As weak an interview ” Behind Enemy lines ” as I have ever read. Lacked any knowledge or the skill in asking questions that the person who is being asked the question can’t answer yes or no.
        It wasn’t really Dale did not think I was good enough I don’t think, just he has his head in the clouds.
        But as ever all good fun and views my dear.
        Hide your Twitter communications Chudi they show too much along with the ‘ other ‘ Manchester United official site the Red Flag Flying High.
        Mottishead had the audacity to call me a geek on his Twitter feed. Pot and kettle spring to mind.
        Good luck; keep up the knicking other peoples work and rehashing it. Innit 🙂

        • Chudi says:

          Like I said what has transpired between you and Dale is none of my concern. I was made aware of the lengthy email you sent him too so couple that with you obsessive interest in him and apparently anyone linked to him I gathered that being knocked back has hurt you.

          It’s ok, these things happen.

          And if I am guilty of plagiarism then so are half of the website/blogs on the net, I am reporting the news, in no instance have I claimed there comments were made to me, and I doubt anyone reading believe they were.

          Good day!

  2. cityblue says:

    Lol at fergy contradicting himself, united can’t compete but united can still compete. What a dumbass he is, old age catching up aye. Nothing new though because he was a dumbass before he joined united anyway, just like the clubs dumbass fan base and players.

    • Chudi says:

      Where’s ‘your’ title buddy?

    • cityblue says:

      My name is cityblue and I am obviously an idiot.

      • Oliver says:

        Pretty sure Fergie says we can’t compete FINANCIALLY (that means money for you simpleton blues), we can compete because basically there are 3 teams young players dream of playing for; one is Barcelona, another is Real Madrid and the third is Manchester United. We have a great influence and attract big players, players that are willing to come for silverware *cough* Van persie*cough* and not go to a club for money *cough* Tevez *cough* nasri *cough*