Date: 13th May 2013 at 6:49pm
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With Manchester United taking the title back from Man City, Reds have turned out to celebrate a record 20th league title.

The title parade is taking place now and United fans have hit the city center in anticipation for the bus’ arrival. With a little while to go, some fans have staged a mini celebration of their own outside City’s store at the Arndale to give our neighbours a timely reminder of what colour the city is!


Photo courtesy of @locallink57


103 responses to “PHOTO: United Fans Take Over The Man City Store”

  1. Zubair says:

    Btw , what the fuck are u cunts doing on this site , g
    Aren’t u meant to be sucking the sheiks dick for money?

    • CiTyBlUe says:

      Lol what a total dumbass you really are Zubair, is it really that hard for you to understand is it.

      Did you even read the article or just look at the pictures because none of your family were capable of sending you to school let alone teach you to read.

      The article is about the only Premier League club in Manchester, so its going to attract attention from City fans so if you don’t want to see City fans on your pathetic sites go cry to your teams sites authors and owners you inbred little cretin.

  2. IC Runway says:

    Wish my team was as successful 🙁

    • Zubair says:

      I’m in Paris at the moment , listen IC, I never wanted this to get bitter , If I’ve offended , I apologise, but if u think ur being a sportsman by hating on Unites celebration , Cummon, rivalry and respect should go together , if all these foul mouthed comments weren’t made by city fans , I would have been polite too . U guys wanna fight on a blog over players who , some of , rivalry aside , are friends ? Shake hands , have respect for each other , example , kompany on twitter .. Cummon , how can people not see where I am coming from ??

      • Eric the king says:

        Zubair- why would you even acknowledge the existence of that scum cunt with his mockery of uniteds dead AND Frank Swift, who they quickly forgetabout when its suits the bitter pricks.
        Karma truly does exist, that’s why we all have great laughs like Saturday afternoon.

        • jetelinho says:


        • Zubair says:

          Because we have more class King . Like it was perfectly illustrated earlier , city have no class , were there was no class three never will be . Let them say what they want , they’ve probably spent the last 10 years crying themselves to sleep while masturbating using their own tears as lube.. They get a single taste of victory after spending over 500mil. And they know they will forever be in our shadow . Fuck em , let em say what they want ? Doesn’t affect us , our players , and our endless fucking success . Is compare them to the ugly brother who watches his older one nail hotties everyday while he sits with his hand on his dick . For that , they will hate us, if verbalising that hate brings them the very little joy they receive season after season , fuck em, pity the miserable bastards instead of responding to them 😉 MUFC for life my brother

    • Eric the king says:

      My god, you’ve even changed your own post to remove your munich abuse now.
      Pathetic twat.

  3. Skybluepete says:

    Hey zubair,shouldn’t you be at the parade licking taggarts arse,oh hang on a minute you are more than likely sat in your chair watching sky and writing on this web page – darn south!!
    This pal has popped up on newsnow mcfc that’s why we can all see it you muppet-
    Let me remind you our fans have a sense of humour,we could teach you some,believe me and ye I love the rivalry but still,I can’t stand anything man utd-period

  4. s a l f o r d says:

    ten fans from stockport, you’ve got ten fans from stockport

    you bitter blue bastards

    20 times, unrivaled, never be matched

    forever in our shadow

    • CiTyBlUe says:

      When Liverpool claim their twentieth league title, you mouthy rag inbred cretins will crawl back under your rocks and lets face it, its inevitable with Liverpool back on track. In fact I think Mansour should buy players and loan them for free to the Pool just to help them win a title for one season.

      • Eric the king says:

        Liverpool back on track?! Miles off even a top 4 place, fucking comedy gold.
        As for lending them players for a year, well that’d make 19 then, wouldn’t it.
        Jesus Christ……

      • Chudi says:

        Amazing! You’re nowhere near us so you’re praying for Liverpool to catch up hahahaha.

        Would you clap for a man that shags your wife when you can get a lob on too?

        • Gollum says:

          Leave that kind of work to get your end away as long as its in the family Giggs. Giggs is so thick he thought Incest was the capital of Hungary.

      • jetelinho says:

        WHEN LIVERS CLAIM THEIR 20TH….??? SERIOUSLY??? 1st: it is not WHEN but IF, a big IF / 2nd – IF they did, we will have 30+ won, Citeh will be down to championship where they belong & you probably won´t be here anymore (& not missed at all!)

      • Zubair says:

        City blue . Hahahhahahaha . U are a fucking joke honestly . U fucking uneducated bastard , are u even reading what I’ve just typed ? Do u even fucking watch football? It’s dumb cunt fans like u that are the most amusing to see . As for “I think mansour should buy players just to loan to Liverpool ” comment , that was so fucking idiotic I literally have no comment . Did ur mum fuck her brother to conceive u? Are u the product of incest? I’m not even kidding , I’d really like to know . Mansour hahahaha the rich dad u never had eh ? LOL . Fuck urself twat

        • jetelinho says:

          THIS IS THE WORST POST EVER … even among the fuckin blue idiotic bastards, you are THE LOWEST, WITH EASE THE LOWEST. YOU BETTER DIE instead of disturbing every other the HUMAN BEING … cause you are nowhere near a man

    • Gollum says:

      Juve 29 wins in Italy. Now thats really impressive.

  5. Skybluepete says:

    Fuck me, look who’s getting emotional now
    Salford and Eric !!
    Fuckin up your own arses-and zubair you fuckin boring cunt-fuck off !!
    Blue army!!

    • Eric the king says:

      Typical bitter, obsessed with FUCKIN and ARSES.
      Go and trim your moustache matey.

    • Zubair says:

      Pete , fuck ur mother , tried being a sportsman coz I pity u cunts , but the log the king was right , u lads really are obsessed fucks who live in a shadow . And one little good season and u think that shit toilet of a stadium will one day be famous . Honestly , I pity u

  6. The beast of weather field says:

    Don’t forget to get your new season ticket, DFS have a sale on be quick as they take six weeks to deliver .

  7. Skybluepete says:

    Hey Eric I bet all your mates love you- too funny

    • Eric the king says:

      Pete, much as id like to spend all night on a UNITED site with you, there’s a title & FA Cup to celebrate.
      Enjoy your summer.

    • Gollum says:

      No its only a sex thing with them but its either a sheep or him.

  8. BlueboyUK says:

    Sad, sad people. Did we do this last year? NO! Form is temporary class is perminent! First thing they think when they win a title is us! Obsessed! Lmao

    • Zubair says:

      U? We fucking think about u? Listen up cunt, this was done to put u faggots back in place , wherever the fuck that is , u need to remember its not at the top of the league . That is not where ur shit club belongs and despite winning one title no amount of money can keep u there . Now I understand uve probably sat for 20 years staring out ur window and dreaming of a day when ur piece of shit club would perhaps , just once , win something . I personally prefer the term bought , pretty much what ur title was , bought . Have we spent large sums in the past to win titles? Yes , ofcourse . Have we won more Barclays premier league titles than all clubs in England combined ? Yes . Did money buy that ? Ofcourse not . Why? Coz there are some things money can’t buy . Wonder what’s gonna happen when ur precious sheikh gets bored of losing , he could sell the club for 10 quid to a beggar , he can afford that , u can’t , not ur ego anyway . Now shut ur trap and thank god for the one title experience he blessed u with .

      • BlueboyUK says:

        Thanks for the eloquent reply. How the hell have I got an ego. Because I stated that a group of your fans thought about my team shortly after you won the title, and just had to go to our shop and take pics? Yeah, big ego. And history has nothing to do with what I said! Just a usual tripe id expect from one of your lot when anyone voices an oppinion on your club! Then you contradict yourself by saying we have bought the title then say have you spent large sums in the past to win titles? To which yor answer was yes. I forget that Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand, De Gea, RVP, Kagawa, Phil Jones, Nani, Valencia, etc all came through your academy! Lol

  9. Manc Las says:

    You “took over” an empty shop????? Well done.

    • Gollum says:

      The door put up a good fight though! They were pushing it for ages before they realised it said pull.

      • Kippax St Kid says:

        Several of them ran away and started walking up and down in an agressive manner outside the Arndale when the door refused to open.

    • Dave says:

      Not as empty as the emptiad, I mean ethiad.

  10. Gollum says:

    This is so sad. How embarrassing this must be for real United fans having these clowns making them look like absolute tits.

    Just how bitter and City obsessed can they get, even when they have David Gill coming up with FFP to try and protect their debt ridden club.

    Will they ever get over their 1-6 spanking. Maybe its the thought that it should have been ten that makes it even worse.