Date: 20th May 2013 at 2:03pm
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Manchester United and social media just don’t mix, it’s as simple as that!

A few weeks ago the club messed up tweeting and posting about David Moyes’ appointment on the official Facebook page before the club had made an announcement and today whilst not as major they have made another gaff.

With the u21s facing Tottenham in the u21 finals this evening at Old Trafford (if you’re available get down and support the team!), the club have have started a campaign to whip up support.

Using the hashtag #GOODLUCKMUFCU21S on Twitter and posting numerous pictures on Facebook they have been doing a pretty good job apart from this:

Manchester United's Facebook gaff

It’s a great picture apart from one thing… the person that made it somehow managed to confuse Tom Thorpe, who is already in the picture, with Fred Veseli!

With over 33.5 million people seeing it, I think it’s time to get some professionals in…


2 responses to “PHOTO: Yet Another Social Media Mistake By Manchester United!”

  1. Abraham says:

    What’s Manchester United twitter handle?