Date: 28th May 2013 at 4:37pm
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Paul Pogba

Ex Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba has revealed he knew would be leaving Old Trafford when Paul Scholes returned.

Pogba joined Juventus last summer, after a stint at Manchester United. Sir Alex Ferguson accused him of disrespecting the club in how he handled his move to the Italian club but Pogba has always denied this.

And he has reiterated his point to Football France:

“I never disrespected Sir Alex Ferguson, if anything it is the opposite, because I said things to his face.

“When I knew of Paul Scholes’ return I understood that I would find it difficult to play and that I had to leave United.

“Ferguson told me that in Italy there is a lot of racism and that the fans were not like the Premier League’s. I told him that there was no problem for me so I ended up on the team’s fringes.

“My team-mates gave me the nickname of Nelson Mandela because I was opposed to Ferguson. But I would say no to Obama too.

“Conte, instead, told me that age is not important and that the best players would play. I want to become the best in the world and win the Ballon d’Or.”


10 responses to “Pogba: United Team Mates Nicknamed Me Nelson Mandela!”

  1. pjch says:

    It appears that yet another player who has had face to face talks with Fergie has ended up on the fringes. Pogba would have been fantastic for us if SAF had not taken exception yet again. Rooney has crossed him and has now been given flack. I hope Rooney stays and does not become another United player (Beckham Stam Pogba RvN Keane etal)got rid off because they dared to question Fergie.
    Pogba has a very bright future in front of him and I wish him all the best. Pity he’s not at United

    • PK22 says:

      Completely disagree, these are the kind of players we don’t want at Manchester United – no matter how talented they are. Having little Madonnas who think they run the club leads to a bad dressing room and ultimately once they leave United their careers go down hill anyway – all the examples you gave prove my point. Pogba’s a brilliant player but no-one is above Sir Alex.

      • pjch says:

        Would love to know who the little Maradonnas are.
        Who is to say that if these players had not been moved on that United would have won more Champions Leagues – admit it for a club with the standing of United we should have won the Champions League more times than we did.
        Sir Alex has made mistakes and is not above criticism – my point is that players asking questions is part and parcel of the game. You must admit that Sir Alex has played people out of position far too often during the season. I cannot think for the life of me that someone like Rooney is not as good as Welbeck because Welbeck has been picked before Rooney quite often this season and to be honest its shows how poor at the highest levels of football our midfield is.

    • Jayo says:

      Pogba is a diva. Who is he to go to Fergie and demand to be a first team starter. If he had any loyalty he would have stayed and earned his place in the team. Look at Wellbeck and Cleverly. They did as Fergie asked and now play regular.
      As for Rooney, his form this season has been well below whats expected of him. NO player is bigger than the club, so if he wants to leave, let him.

  2. Yareema says:

    Pogba:’i want to be the best in the world and win the ballon d’or’-keep dreaming boy cos for every pogba there’s a januzaj,for every fryers there’s a rafael,for every morrison there’s a cleverley…and the list goes on…NO ONE IS BIGGER THAN THE CLUB.