Date: 14th June 2013 at 1:05pm
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Arsenal forced RVP into silence

Robin Van Persie claims Arsenal forced him to avoid the media last summer, in light of a proposed move to Manchester United.

Van Persie was criticised for remaining silent during Euro 2012 whilst speculation about a move to Old Trafford reached fever pitch.

Yet the striker claims the decision was solely down to his former club, who felt it was the best course of action even though the move appeared on the cards.

Speaking to Sky Sports, the Premier League winner recalled:

“That was a wish of my club Arsenal and that had everything to do with the sensitivity of my proposed transfer to Manchester United.

“I didn’t estimate the outcome really at the time. Maybe I was too naive. To be the only one to not talk, I became a mythical figure and the outside world thought I was placing myself out of the group.”

Van Persie’s silence not only hurt his standing amongst Arsenal fans who demanded a reply to the rumours but in his home nation as Holland suffered a torridĀ competition.

It fuelled speculation that the striker had drifted apart from his team mates and Van Persie insists if he would have handled the matter differently if he had to do it all over again:

“If I had to do it all over again, I don’t know if I would do it the same way. I don’t think so to be honest.”


18 responses to “RVP: Arsenal Forced Me To Ignore United Speculation”

  1. naked goon says:

    the more he opens his mouth , the more I would like it to stay closed. 1.30, just getting my third beer, will have lunch sometime later… that is just as relevant

  2. gunnercrack says:

    Van pussie must be one lonely f#cker up north….
    Most footballers avoid the paparazzi this plum goes out looking for them.

  3. Trennon says:

    This is why Arsenal silenced him. Even Rooney called him the stupidest player in the dressing room. He’s not very bright this lad. He got the move he wanted so he should stop trying to suck up to Arsenal fans to justify it.

  4. Bimbo says:

    Someone close to this punk should tell him to grow up
    If Arsenal can turn back the hands of time he will never smell emirate
    that large mouth not worthy of that jersey

  5. J Hughes says:

    What damaged his relationship with the Arsenal fans was his devisory “you guys” letter purposely engineered to put a wedge between the fans and the club. I do not see an issue with AFC requesting silence from a player whilst in the middle of negotiations. I think MFC fans would hope that there players keep similar private council i.e Rooney

  6. Biggles says:

    Other than the fact that he mentioned it in an interview, Why Is This News?

    It was very widely reported over a year ago. Here’s the Guardian article about it: