Date: 15th June 2013 at 5:20am
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Whilst he may have retired in May, Sir Alex Ferguson’s work never ends at Old Trafford.

With Cristiano Ronaldo’s Real Madrid future in doubt, it is believed Manchester United are ready to pounce to bring the fan favourite back to Manchester.

Graham Hunter alluded to Sir Alex’s involvement in getting the player back to the club yesterday, and now both The Sun and The Daily Mail are claiming that Sir Alex remaining at the club, even as a director, could sway Ronaldo.

It is no secret that the two share a strong relationship, with Sir Alex representing somewhat of a father figure for the forward.

With Ronaldo unhappy in Spain, United could play on this and deploy Sir Alex in an attempt to finish off the job he apparently started whilst still manager, and get the player back to Old Trafford.


20 responses to “Fergie’s Role In Ronaldo Swoop Revealed”

  1. andred says:

    that is a change,60m is not even 100m bad market

  2. stephen says:

    If i were Moyes i would go back to everton. Or tell the GLAZERS i am not working with him in the background. I am the manager and i will do it my way. Or get out while the going is good like Ferguson did. You know you can not afford Fabragas at 40 mill never mind Ronaldo 65 and Bale at 85 mill Stick to buying average players. CTID.

    • Shaun says:

      Average players that still won the league quite comfortably

      • stephen says:

        Yes you bought the league back this year. like MANCHESTER CITY bought it. But it won’t work this season just look at you records when you have lost the league and you will see you have spent bigg. You can not keep pace with MANCHESTER CITY. And the only reason you won it this year is Manchini trying to play different formations. And fallouts with players. You may try this year but hase i say it won’t work. We have no FFP worry’s. But you have big and i mean big debts. And besides the premier league you have not won out for five years witch must be worrying for you. That is the place MANCHESTER CITY have come from and UTD are heading. Sorry to depress you. lol.

  3. andred says:

    will need to buy strootman, thiago, and isco or fellani. strootman:15m, thiago: 15m, isco: 27m

  4. Gwenhure Alex says:

    Enjoy your dreams guys aided by these lullaby singers, the media. No big name signings are coming our way. Realistically i expect Strootman, Thiago, this young ‘Makelele’ guy from Monaco. That’s our type of signings. Add players like butter, Powell, adnan januz and on good financial yrs, kagawa rvp, yo rooneys etc. We buy rough diamonds n polish. That’s the that’s tradition. The major difference maker at OT WAS UNDOUBTEDLY SAF. Now moyes eish!! Who seem 2 b a dreamer 2. Well guys dream on an c whether u will wake up with cr7, Fab, lewandoski etc. These media guys they will make paradise for u in yo dreams only to wake up in a movie hall.

  5. ChrisW says:

    What’s really important here is how Moyes feels about Ronaldo. Maybe he would rather spend all that money differently. In which case his relationship with Ronaldo might not be good if he was pushed ino buying him. The other thing is whether Rooney is staying. If we sold him and Nani and Anderson then we could probably pick and choose between Ronaldo or Bale. Would Spurs or Madrid really say no to £80m?