Date: 22nd June 2013 at 4:10am
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Wayne Rooney situation to be resolved next week?

With Sir Alex Ferguson confirming that he had asked for a transfer away from Old Trafford, Wayne Rooney has been ominously quiet in the past few weeks.

Bar a post on his website to declare that he hadn’t taken the term ‘Manchester United player’ out of his bio on Twitter, the player has stuck to communicating solely about his personal life.

In his silence rumours about his future have mounted with some claiming that a move to Arsenal could be on the cards. Shareholder Alisher Usmanov is certainly of the opinion a transfer is possible and has made little secret of his admiration for the striker, stopping just short of tapping him up. PSG have also been mentioned, the odds of a Rooney move to Real Madrid were slashed yesterday and today’s papers will claim that Rooney is entertaining the possibility of working under Mourinho at Chelsea.

Few think that Rooney could remain at Old Trafford, and whilst it has been mentioned, many believe that ship has already sailed. There are reports that Rooney believes that Sir Alex’s comments at the end of the season have painted him into a corner, doing irreparable damage thus leaving him with no option but to leave Manchester United.

But is there a remote chance Rooney will remain at United?

The Mirror are claiming that Rooney will meet with David Moyes next week in an attempt to salvage what is left of his career, and if a deal cannot be reached then United will begin the process of shopping him around to Europe’s top sides in an attempt to cash in on the player who has 2 years left on his current deal.

Manchester United are currently experiencing the problems of trying to sell a player in the last year of his contract, unable to get their desired fee for Nani. Last summer he was set for a £25m move to Zenit St Petersburg, but this summer Galatasaray are unwilling to pay £8.5m for the winger.

Keen to avoid a similar situation, The Mirror claim Sir Alex targeted this summer to get rid of the striker, given his age and length of contract situation.

With his potential suitors, if United can’t get Rooney to Real Madrid, it’s believed that Arsenal are the next preferred destination as Chelsea are considered direct title contenders.

So by the end of next week we will have an answer as to where Wayne Rooney will be next season? Would you like him to stay? If not where would you prefer to see him head to?


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  1. monty27 says:

    let rooney go thats what he wants but outside england. he’s still a dangerous man. thiago hopefully coming to town. rvp shinji javier danny will still be strong up front. Reds 4ever!!