Date: 26th June 2013 at 1:27am
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Is goal-line technology needed in the Premier League?

The season’s clashes between the giants of the English Premier League between Chelsea and Manchester United have once more sparked calls for the introduction of goal-line technology into football. Along with this season’s Merseyside derbies, the games were played out in a flurry of controversy over goals and cards.

Every season the number of high-profile mistakes by officials seems to get higher and higher, so do the officials in the Premier League need technological assistance?

Well when it comes to goal-line technology, there are few people still arguing against its introduction. While it may not be entirely flawless, it would surely at least reduce the number of mistakes concerning whether the ball has fully crossed the line. Sometimes these incidents occur in a split second, which can make it hard for even the best referee or linesman; while such mistakes have always been made, the greater amount of money at stake nowadays makes you wonder why it hasn’t already been introduced.

When it comes to other forms of entertainment – for instance the online pokies at online casino websites – mistakes which had such a crucial effect on the outcome would never be tolerated by players and would not be allowed by the companies running the sites; making the reluctance of FIFA to act on this all the more baffling.

However in other areas things are a little murkier, as incidents such as dives by players are also more in the spotlight this season, and Chelsea’s Fernando Torres received a second yellow card (and thus was sent off) for diving when he appeared to be clipped during the game against Manchester United at Stamford Bridge.

The responsibility for dealing with this issue arguably lies with the players and clubs, as cutting out diving would make it easier for referees to spot genuine penalties.


3 responses to “Will Technology Improve The Game?”

  1. lovefootballofmufc says:

    Is it even debatable considering the the outrageous decisions made by the so called top class referees. And when it comes to the rest it’s at a match ruining decision every outing. Were told by some people in the hierarchy that we prefer human error and human error make it better. No we don’t and no it doesn’t.

  2. Abiodun says:

    Maybe it would help.

  3. seven says:

    The referees don’t have the proper tools to needed to succeed at their job. They need some help, more refs on the pitch would help too. These old guys are expected to run all game with top athletes in their 20s plus do their job. wow.