Date:28th June 2013 at 3:22am
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Van Persie volley vs Aston Villa

With Manchester United winning a 20th League title this season, star player Robin Van Persie recanted 20 key moments from his debut season at Old Trafford.

The Dutch man struck 26 times in the Premier League as United romped to the title so in line with the season’s ’20’ theme, RVP recanted his 20 memorable moments from the season to Inside  United.

One moment that will send alarm bells ringing in North London is Van Persie’s reaction to the Spurs/Man City game in April that essentially wrapped up the title:

“I cheered for Spurs against City. Can you believe it? An ex-Arsenal player wanted Spurs to win! We knew the title was one game away.”

Looks like RVP will have his Gooner card revoked completely with that admission!

Van Persie also highlighted that goal against Villa, saying:

“It was instinct. I looked up and thought: ‘This ball is so nice. It’s too beautiful to take a touch’. Everything was exactly as I wanted it to be.”

As well as his reaction to ending his drought against Stoke:

“The lads gave me stick for my celebration but I wanted to share the moment. Sir Alex has been a joy to work with.”

For the full list, check out Inside United

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45 responses to “RVP Severs All Ties With Arsenal”

  1. achiya says:

    his time to fade is soon but arsenal will strive to shine always.

  2. Jay says:

    Sure he’s a Man United legend – he carried them to the title. The only team that was more carried by one player was Spurs. And Bale only carried them to fifth in a four team game.

  3. wiuru says:

    Ahh you two bhoys , the new Manchester City type of fan . Bitter , Bitter . But i wish you well in the next season .

  4. @babakrdaemi says:

    Whatever. Your over like a four leaf clover. Moyes wont do shit. Amd gour international appeal is built on winning. So ta da.

    Fuck the totnum

  5. Bourney says:

    Loving the sour arsenal fans hahaha…. Lets celebrate 4th like we’ve won a trophy for the first time in years

    • Prince says:

      Really Pillai…..?RvP carrying Arsenal? It was Arsenal carrying him that’s y Wazza is leaving coz rvp needs a certain system to function and man U had to centre everything around him

    • panther says:

      Shut the fuck up you pathetic idiot Man Utd get themselves in debt to BUY trophies and pay average players 200K a week. When teams are FORCED to spend within their earning capabilities; lets see how much trophies the likes of Man Utd Man City and Chelsea win. As for Spurs; their not worth commenting about.

      • David Tross says:

        Perfection! Well said. Pillai clearly knows nothing about football! RVP is lucky that Arsenal put up with his injury ridden past and always guaranteed him a key role in the team allowing him to develop and strengthen. After all that patience, money spent, faith shown you cant have 1 good season and f off.

        All in the past, brighter futures ahead. COYG

  6. Rathin Pillai says:

    You people are all bitter. He left Arsenal for us? So what. Quit crying over the past. If anything, you should be happy that he has spent all his younger days with Arsenal and pretty much carried them to 4th spot on many occasions. Any other player would have fled in 2/3 seasons. He only did it after realizing time wasn’t on his side and he didnt have a premier league title to justify his years in the premier league. Its a professional choice you would have made in his shoes too so stop judging a man based on your club allegiance.

    • Reece says:

      Perhaps we would of had a title if he wasn’t injured for so much of his career… especially the 07/08 season where adebayor out scored it. We kept faith in him, he didn’t show the same back, that is why we hate him. Well me anyway.

      • Chas says:

        Spot on mate, every picture of this judas in the emirates should be taken down or smashed,

    • gooper says:

      Like you plastic Trafford united fans cried when the scar face bond villian chased the he qatari petrodollar instead of the yankee debt funded dollar? Gooners cannot stand greedy badger for the way he engineered his move and in doing so forever sullied his legacy.

    • rizal says:

      stupid, you said “Any other player would have fled in 2/3 seasons.” did you ever know that the ex-gunner that you adore know plague by injury in his early 6 years, We gunners are not bitter by the move but just look at Cesc and how he respect his former club and the different in these aspect is what we gunner are saying, I wish ManU fans do have a brain and fairness of mind to make a judgment and don’t be misinform or deluded from the many titles that ManU had won.

    • Dobromir says:

      RVP carrying Arsenal on many occasions? I’m sorry but i got to ask, have you been living on the moon. One season in eight where he wasn’t injured and we get a genius like you talking absolute tosh. Left in 2/3 seasons? What when he was lying on the treatment table. Sorry but that has to be the dumbest statement on the matter yet.

    • Rich Lanning says:

      Oh yeah ‘on many occasions’ mate, like the second half of 2010/11 and the 2011/12 season where Arsenal was basically rotting. As a matter of fact I would have preferred him to not have played for us at all in those two seasons and maybe then the board would have woken up earlier without reducing us to the indignity of a one man team. Other than those 2 seasons he did very little for us due to injury, but we bit the bullet and prayed for his return to form every fucking time the news came out. Arsene did not sell him or lose faith in this time. Then he has 1 and a half good years and fucks off. Take your ‘many occasions’ and shove it up your ignorant Man U fan arse.

    • panther says:

      Now I know you know nothing about Arsenal or Van Persie . Van Persie was injured season after season and Arsenal STILL qualified for the CL so your immature pathetic comment about Van Persie carrying Arsenal is IGNORANT. Arsenal qualified this season without him to so your immature pathetic opinion is IRRELEVANT. It loose like Van Persie carried Man Utd this season you chump. Arsenal have sold better and more important players than Van Persie and they still MAINTAIN their level. Your a TWAT!

    • Tito says:

      Van Persie did no such thing. Yes in 2011/12 he made the difference but the rest of his days were spent on the injury table.

  7. ab says:

    why do u pitty RVP? having joined, man u, he is now one of the very few brightest stars in the world football scene achieving the highest glory any footballer could ever dream, with in just one season!. had he stayed in Arsenal, he’d have been just another bitter and fed up big time loser player with a very gloomy future, and with a very high possibility of hanging his boot without winning any sort of silverware, but unlike his former bunch of poor bastard underachieving arshole teammates, he was smart enogh to make a much much better choice and break free from that arshole ‘prison’ club. so pitty that dying arshole club and a corpse manager of yours, sorry to say , but it’s a fact.

    • ab....u qatada says:

      LOL tyyypical united fan. ending your comment with ‘its a fact’ doesnt make it so. i could say, your a fucking clueless twat, and thats a fact. but it doesnt make it so, even if i believe its so, because its an opinion.
      ‘he is now one of the very few brightest stars in the world football scene achieving the highest glory any footballer could ever dream’.
      i wont begin to point out the numerous gramatical errors in that. but lets face it, van persie has ONE premier league title. Its really nothing that special, the fact that he’s sold out and stuck two fingers up to the club he’s supported since he was a boy, a club who stood by him through his rape charge (yeh forgot about that didnt you) and his numerous injuries just shows what a fickle turd he really is. going to another club to win a trophy because its easier just shows what a pathetic glory hound he really is. when he said he did it because he listened to the ‘little boy inside me’, i suggested he should have been investigated in the BBC’s sexual abuse scandal haha. Good player, but complete dickhead, which kinda ties with man united; good club, twatish fanbase.

      • hantsgooner says:

        Well said m8.. never had a problem with any player leaving arsenal b4 RVP, an supported them for over 40yrs, but with RVP things are different because of the reasons u give.
        Its not bitter its anger anger at the way after all his problems injures etc through which he had the support of club an fans he has one great season an wanted out.
        Yes he won the title at Utd but who knws what would have happened had he scored the goals for us that he scored for Utd who knws if he had been around during our bad period when we couldnt kill teams off maybe he may have carried us to the title as he did them.
        And before any comments about Arsenal not being good enough check out our finish 26pts from 10 games better than anyone

  8. Arkadiy says:

    I think he severed all ties when he joined Man Utd…

  9. gunnercrack says:

    utd – SHIT
    utd – SHIT
    utd – SHIT


  10. pi sa ma says:

    RVP u may RFP (rest of ur future in peace)