Date: 28th June 2013 at 3:22am
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Van Persie volley vs Aston Villa

With Manchester United winning a 20th League title this season, star player Robin Van Persie recanted 20 key moments from his debut season at Old Trafford.

The Dutch man struck 26 times in the Premier League as United romped to the title so in line with the season’s ’20’ theme, RVP recanted his 20 memorable moments from the season to Inside  United.

One moment that will send alarm bells ringing in North London is Van Persie’s reaction to the Spurs/Man City game in April that essentially wrapped up the title:

“I cheered for Spurs against City. Can you believe it? An ex-Arsenal player wanted Spurs to win! We knew the title was one game away.”

Looks like RVP will have his Gooner card revoked completely with that admission!

Van Persie also highlighted that goal against Villa, saying:

“It was instinct. I looked up and thought: ‘This ball is so nice. It’s too beautiful to take a touch’. Everything was exactly as I wanted it to be.”

As well as his reaction to ending his drought against Stoke:

“The lads gave me stick for my celebration but I wanted to share the moment. Sir Alex has been a joy to work with.”

For the full list, check out Inside United

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45 responses to “RVP Severs All Ties With Arsenal”

  1. Gooner says:

    LOL fuck sakes, there was no reason to write this, The day he left Arsenal for utd he was dead to us.

  2. plive says:

    As a arsenal fan im happy for him. He is at a team that won the title obviously he would want spurs to win that game as it benefited his team.

    Its a shame that our board couldnt come out last season and say we have money to spend.

    But then if he stayed they may have said we dont need to spend money.

    Fellow arsenal fans need to move on. He has.

    • ChudEIE says:

      @Plive you fucking mug you sound like everything that is wrong at Arsenal now , Van Persie CUNT end off

  3. Mark68 says:

    He needs a reality check, not even half the player Bergkamp was, and would be nothing without Arsenal.

  4. zach says:

    i used to love RVP sooooooooo much but its strange how i turned up to hate and loathe the dude since he left ! f…. i dont miss him abit! he full of s,,,,,,t

  5. criomulus says:

    fuck him.