Date: 29th June 2013 at 9:20pm
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Has Barcelona midfielder Thiago Alcantara dashed Manchester United’s hopes of signing him with a single Instagram post?

The 23 year old has been heavily linked with United this summer, with reports that he had agreed terms with the club, but there have been no further developments despite claims that his father flew back to Barcelona to tell the club his son wanted to leave.

Over the past few days Barcelona have gone from trying to convince him to stay, to accepting that he was on his way out but now they may have been handed a life line after Thiago posted an image to his Instagram account with the simple caption:

I <3 Barcelona

Thiago Instagram


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  1. Akindele says:

    I’m sick and tired of all these rumour surrounding Thiago’s tranfer. I think Moyes should start looking elsewhere….. Forever United!

  2. markzidane says:

    let moyes buy tiago, strootman or wanyama, let him bid for marko rues nd garay

  3. ifeanyi says:

    rooney shud go

  4. dave says:

    i don’t understand why players don’t want to come to united.
    one of the biggest teams in the world with the best history.

    • ONE SWEET LEFT says:


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    • brown says:

      they are sick in their heads they don`t know the best real club on earth that its UNITED…but anyway we have so many players and we are machine makers, all those who refuse to come to old trafford are damn old diggers…don`t worry we have our young best players…

  5. says:

    thiago can join united and gain he position when paul scholse hv retire, he wll fell d gap at old trafford ,

  6. diaby says:

    if thiago dont come to man utd he will regret.. with neymar it will be more difficult for thiago to play.. he will play only wen barca are winning by a big score

  7. brown says:

    If THIAGO don`t come to the best club on earth, he will regret it for the rest of his career… AM STILL DREAMING ABOUT CR7 to come back to OLD TRAFFORD, i miss his baby cry habitudes…