Date: 7th July 2013 at 2:30am
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Wayne Rooney CL Final vs Barcelona

Another day, another ‘exclusive’ from Catalan paper Sport.

This time they are claiming that Manchester United have contacted Barcelona to tell the Spanish giants that Wayne Rooney is for sale.

On Friday David Moyes was adamant that Rooney would be staying at United so this report is somewhat unbelievable, but there have been reports linking Rooney with a move to Barcelona and a move to Spain will allow United to get rid of the striker without him coming back to bite United.

Aged 27 and with just 2 years left on his contract, if the striker wants to leave as it was alluded to in David Moyes’ first presser as United manager then now would be the right time to sell him.



28 responses to “PICTURE: United Say Rooney IS For Sale?”

  1. Lucky Boaz says:

    Why should United keep a player who has handed two(2) transfer requests in a space of three(3) years? Rooney nolonger has passion for the team and remember no player is bigger than a club, so let him go. United will still remain strong even without him.

  2. Oramu enede says:

    He shouldn’t be let go. Rooney is stil on moyes plans and wit him we wil chalenge for trophies next season

  3. Samuel Joseph says:

    I am glad that David Moyes is giving Ronney a chance to prove himself . He was a great player but his form has dropped last season. I believe he can do well if he continues to train hard and it would be good for united and England.

  4. Michael says:

    He shud go bcoz no player is bigger than a club. Man utd has been able to cope wth da departures of even ‘bigger’ players than Rooney. What utd need is a dressing rm that is in unison but da Rooney saga doesn’t improve other players’ moods. He’s attracting a lot of unnecessary attention to himself. Let him work really hard so dat he can become a real star like his friend Ronaldo. That’s wen he can pull certain strings!!!

  5. Nathaniel blankson says:

    Wane rooney should not allow to leave no player in current united squad runs on pitch lyk rooney . He is our best player .

  6. Isah Haliru says:

    rooney s carrier are all controversy, handling 2 transfer request, indinscipline, immaturity, rooney are good but there s no bigger than a club, remember where s beckham, ruud, cr7, veron, smieschel, vander saar, scholes, and utd are still winning d trophy, GGMU

  7. clemency says:

    Let Him go…..there is still player in man-u better than him…so his departure will give way to others to show there talent.

  8. Samdee says:

    If barclona will offer David villa and 25m for rooney den what is there to think about, villa is a good player with good skills and the amount following him can be use to land another player, i think if he wants to leave let man u swap him with david villa

  9. Daniel.k says:

    Pls moyes lat dis gay go we don’t want him any more

  10. pjch says:

    So the Rooney saga drags on. If he is to leave – and there is no evidence that he has asked to go (in fact united have said he did not ask for a transfer as SAF said) – so be it.
    I have supported United since the 1960s and always will do. United will continue to be united come what may.
    Good luck Moyes you have a hard act to follow but I for one welcome your new challenge. It is your team now so mould it how you want, buy the players you think will make us stronger. If Rooney stays get the best out of him and not play him out of position