Date: 9th July 2013 at 2:15am
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Wayne Rooney

It appears that Chelsea are ready to test Manchester United’s resolve, by lodging a big money bid for Wayne Rooney.

On Friday David Moyes defiantly told the assembled press that the striker was not for sale despite their continued questions as to whether Rooney wanted to be at Old Trafford. Despite his certainty that Rooney would stay, his claims did little to stop speculation that Barcelona were trying to reach some sort of agreement for the striker involving players and money.

It is believed that if Rooney does depart, a move abroad would be United’s preferred choice but will they be able to resist Chelsea’s £30m offer?

The Daily Mail believe Chelsea are ready to pay £30m for the striker as well as pay him £240k a week in a deal worth a huge £60m.

Jose Mourinho has made no secret of his admiration of Rooney, teasing after he was asked if Chelsea were interested in Rooney:

“I think he [Rooney] is at a fantastic age for a player: maturity, big experience, still young. It’s up to him and what he wants, what makes him happy. He’s a little bit like me: he doesn’t need one more pound in his contract. One more cup won’t make a different. Be happy. Where is he happy? Where will he find more happiness to have ambition and drive him? I like him as a boy. I wish him well and hope he is happy.”

With Rooney having just 2 years left on his deal an offer of £30m may be too good for United to pass up, especially with Nani’s situation in mind.


15 responses to “Mega Deal May See Wayne Rooney Leave United”

  1. maradesa sunday says:

    if roonny want to go let him go, in order to easy d david moyes to select good player 4 d season

  2. Andrew Haldane says:

    United wont put Rooney on the market so soon after SAF Retirement they think it will send the wrong signals about the club Also there are clauses in his contract that mean Rooney won’t make a formal transfer request. This will rumle on he’ll agitate and sulk and play half a decent season again. He will be offered a take it or leave it contract extension which he will turn down and next year United will put him up for sale rather than let him walk a year later for free…and he’ll only go to a london club probanly Chelsea
    Personally I’d suggest United ship out Anderson, Young and Anderson asap and get Strootman or Erickson in before Alcantra…they already have Shinji. Next January offer Rooney to Chelsea for £15m + Mata and see if they bite. Rooney isn’t worth £250k a week and United have enough goals throughout the squad not to miss him. With all the changes at United and their rivals adding to their squads the need to secure a powerful dm this window is far more urgent than an extra cb or bringing in Alcantra

  3. the god of football says:

    If and its a big if Manchester united sell Wayne Rooney then Chelsea can do one theres no chance of him going to them…. Moyea and fergy won’t allow that to happen he’s to good of a player to go to a rival club….. I would be happy for him to go to Barcelona and we get thiago and Alexis Sanchez

    • Andrew Haldane says:

      The ball is in Rooneys court he can sit back and collect £25m over the next 2 years and go where he wants. Can you really see him being able to adapt to a foreign country? I can’t. If United have any sense they will take what they can get asap. If he wants to go to Chelsea he will go there sooner or later. All United can do is cut their nose to spite their face. Better to be in a position not to need him or be dictated to/held to ransom. Buy someone consistent and hungry for success more than money, preferably not someone that will be unavailable for 4 weeks due to ANC.

    • Andrew Haldane says:

      Oh, and do you really think Barca will allow 2 of their most promising players to leave at the same time? Can’t see it myself.