Date: 9th July 2013 at 4:15am
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Rio Ferdinand is the latest person to advise Wayne Rooney to reconsider any thoughts he is having of leaving Manchester United.

Yesterday both Bryan Robson and Andy Cole told Rooney that the only way is down after leaving United, and Ferdinand has echoed their words.

Ferdinand revealed that he has received a number of offers in his 11 year spell at United, but pointed to Cristiano Ronaldo as an example of the grass not always being greener.

In his four year spell at Madrid, Ronado has won the La Liga and Copa Del Rey where as United have won 2 Premier League titles, a League Cup and reached the final of the Champions League thus Ferdinand believes there is no better place to win trophies:

“I don’t see where you go better from here.

“For instance, Cristiano has been ridiculous as a football player individually, but has he won more trophies since leaving than what we’ve won? That’s the way I look at it. I wouldn’t say that he shouldn’t have gone there; it was his dream to go there, so you have to respect that. But I just look at things in a black and white way: I want to win trophies so why would I leave here?

“Who am I going to go to who is going to win more trophies than us? Obviously you could say that Barcelona have won more trophies but I’m in my country where I’m from, and you’re proud when you win the league in your country.

“I’ve had loads of offers over the years to go to other football clubs but I’ve never really wanted to go anywhere. I came to Man United for one simple reason and that was to win trophies, so I could retire and say how many trophies I’ve won and look back and say I’ve made a success of my career. That’s all you do, and I’m sure most young players, or players in their prime, when they’re asked to come to Manchester United, that should be the question they ask themselves: ‘Have I got a chance to win?’ Do you want to be part of that history of the club? Normally the answer is yes.”


25 responses to “Rio Gives Rooney Ronaldo Warning”

  1. Abbas says:

    It’s good idea Rio

  2. sam-mayor says:

    kudos to ferdy. for Roo, I think a word is enough………


  3. Elkeed says:

    You have made the point clear but if he dosent want 2 stay then let him go

  4. Samuel says:

    Rio…u proved to b a gud leader nd dts gud kip it up

  5. GreenWhiteGreen says:

    Thiago must not read, hear, or watch this news, why? Rio laid some contradicting point to stop us from luring him.
    1. He’s already at Barcelona.
    2. Which club can win more trophy than Barcelona?
    3. Barcelona is in his country, then why about to wander?
    As a young player in spain, this article will discourage him from coming IMO, though Rio is right. GGMU

  6. ak says:

    Rooney will not leave man utd as i saw in moyes interview saying that he is not for sales. I said that just do everything or break the bank but bring G.bale to old trafford.

  7. saliu says:

    if he want to have record like paul schools then he should stay, but if he does want then he should leave………….lol for rio adverse.

  8. ak says:

    Brother chudi you are the author then make a wonderful headlines to convainces unites owner that we want G.bale in United. We all fan will comment giving our advices why G.bale should join united

  9. brown says:

    u are real RED RIO love u more..

  10. Raymondray says:

    Kudos to Rio,u hav made a very Gud point here, as an inteligent footballer, nd a Gud leader as well, but if Roony stil wana go, let him go, but he must regret it, look at ronaldo since he leave man u, he nevr won world best, nd he wil not, until he combk 2 man u?