Date:11th July 2013 at 11:33am
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Pep Guardiola has told Bayern Munich to go out and get Thiago Alcantara, and doesn’t foresee any problems in fitting him into his midfielder laden team.

Last night a Spanish radio station claimed that Thiago had chosen to head to Bavaria to play under his former manager.

But whilst these reports were unconfirmed, today in a series of tweets German football supremo Raphael Honigstein has quoted Guardiola as confirming his side’s interest in Alcantara during a press conference:

“I want Thiago Alcantara and have asked (Bayern to get him) but I don’t know what will happen.

“I know him very well. I talked to Rummenigge and Sammer about him, but we will wait and see.

“I don’t think (adding another midfielder) will be a problem. I spoke to club about my concept and told them why I want Thiago Alcantara.

“Thiago is the only player I want, that’s what I told them, it’ll be him or no one

“We have many players but we the need the special (quality) that Thiago Alcantara brings.┬áThe club will decide. I have told them my opinion.

“Nobody will leave Barcelona, unless they feel they won’t play much. He wants to play. That’s why I proposed him to the club.┬áJavier Martinez can play at CB, he played very well there with Athletico”

Pep seems intent on signing the 22 year old, and with his past relationship with the player this pretty much ends United’s hopes of signing Thiago.