Date: 12th July 2013 at 3:21am
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Nani Chelsea-v-Manchester-United

Whilst his team mates are preparing for the start of pre season training, Manchester United’s Nani took to his Facebook to celebrate 3 million subscribers to his page today.

The winger missed the tour due to surgery on his nose according to David Moyes but there wasn’t a bandage in sight as he flashed 3 finger in celebration of the achievement.

Hurry up and get fit Nani, I’m looking forward to seeing what you have to offer this season if you are in fact staying!

Nani Facebook


93 responses to “PICTURE: So That’s What Nani Has Been Up To”

  1. Mustapha .A. Ogalebe says:

    Hi guys, kudos 2 u all. I want 2 tell u ppl that, thereis something hidden in that our Nani. Nani is just lk egg in it complete shell ney. He is yet 2 come out of de shell. Just give Him time n C who is He under Mr. David Moyes. I believe Moyes will help Nani come out of de shell by God grace. He will soon shake de world. Goodday. Bye!!

  2. Igwe Collinsmary says:

    Yeah Nani has a great talent, and i think Moyes should give him time to proving his worth.Selfish sometimes,but in my opinion,better than Jones and Valencia.The later was a big-time flop.

  3. tunchi says:

    We have seen his unseriousness so many times and tired of that he might be better than than valencia but valencia is serious and helps the team let nani leave pls

  4. john says:

    Nani is my best player in the world I love him so much

  5. holyboy says:

    am a big fan of nani

  6. Jason nani says:

    U dnt like nani same like u dnt love yourself.let the boy do what does best LN17 forever.

  7. Hammed musa says:

    Nani is a big talented winger i believe in him, Moyes should give him chance.

  8. Hammed musa says:

    Nani is our best winger and he is my second player in man u after chicharito

  9. horlahitan karmal says:

    pls let nani b, nani is a gud player, who is valencia n young, valencia score 1 goal 4 d whole season what a shame. Nani is a gud player

  10. victor says:

    people are sayin Valencia is more ok than Nani which i do not believe in dat, Nani is a very good player but did not find favour wen sir was still wit us, he need time sha anyway.