Date: 15th July 2013 at 3:19pm
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Cesc Fabregas

Whilst Thiago may have opted to head to Bayern Munich, Manchester United aren’t finished with Barcelona.

It has emerged that Manchester United have made a move for former Arsenal star Cesc Fabregas according to sources of Sky Sports. United’s interest in Fabregas was confirmed earlier in the summer but any notion of a move was said to have been put to rest when the midfielder declared he didn’t see himself leaving Barcelona.

Having returned to Barcelona in 2011, Cesc has struggled to win over his home fans and is hoping to change the perception that his return has not been a successful one.

United’s bid is said to have 2 problems though, one being that Arsenal have first refusal on their former captain and the second being that United’s bid, thought to be £22.5m, is well below Barcelona’s valuation.


11 responses to “United Return To Barcelona With Cesc Bid”

  1. GooneRed says:

    You’ve hit the nail on the head. Pointless article really.

    This is how it’ll go.

    Man Utd make a bid and is accepted, lets say 35M.
    Barcelona then legally have to say ‘Arsenal, would you like to take up the first option 25M for Cesc, because we’ve agreed a deal with Man Utd.
    Arsenal would say – ‘Well duh, of course we would. We’ll take our ex captain and one of the best players in Europe back for a mere 25M.’

    Cesc comes home
    Manchester United then have no transfer.

    There is no way in hell, if Cesc becomes available that Arsenal wouldn’t have him back. Especially at the fixed agreed price we have.

    • jack says:

      His “home” is barcelona not arsenal and its funny how arsenal supporters are more interested in this bid then utd fans

    • ak47 says:

      You’re assuming two things,

      a) Arsenal will meet his new wage demands
      b) He actually wants to move back. Considering Arsenal haven’t come close to winning a trophy since he left…

      • GooneRed says:

        Jack – OK Home was the wrong word.

        AK47 –
        a) Can’t see it being an issue.
        b)b) He said many times that the only team barring barca he ever wants to play for is Arsenal.
        Not Man United, infact Im 99% sure he once said ‘never’
        Nice to get your dig in. Let me guess you’re a United ‘Fan’ not from anywhere near Manchester?
        Thing is with United fans, it’s hard to take them seriously because there’s so many glory hunters. Glory hunters are not real fans. Your comment makes you look like just that. Winning being the end all.
        So if Moyes has a cpl bad years and you end up 6th I predict a swift change to Manchester City.

  2. ak47 says:

    quite where u got 22.5m figure from is bizzare. The figure mooted is 30m euros/£26m

  3. swiller says:

    Fabregas started 38 games and played in over 50 games last season so to say he struggled to hold down a place in the barcelona team is nonsense. Arsenal only have first refusal if fabregas asks to go back to them and the fee will be £25million. He doesn’t want to leave barca and will only leave if barca agree to sell him. He then may ask to go back to arsenal but no one knows at the minute

  4. Trevor says:

    I find it hard to understand. Mourino when he was manager of Real he must have had his
    Probable transfers for Real for the next season. When he left he got them players to go to Chelsea. So he was in control all the time.
    Moyes, I don’t think he has any idea who he wants. He said he was interested in Thiago but Barca said they had only one team that had put in an offer and that was Bayern.?
    I also thought the Chairman conducted all transfers like Gill used to do. Woodward is in Australia with the team so who is doing the business.
    United will end up panicking and buy mediocre player.

  5. Rookie111 says:

    All these talks are so infuriating… this deal will never happen…its all crap…it will again draw for another month or so as united’s deal for signin fabregas imminent and then all of the sudden united are not signing fabregas b’cuz he might not be good enough or injury prone or money cud be an issue and loads of other bull shit…Fk u edwoodward