Date: 16th July 2013 at 1:12pm
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Cesc Fabregas

Cesc Fabregas has moved quickly to kill any possible speculation linking him with a move to Manchester United, declaring he is happy at the Nou Camp.

United had reportedly been interested in Cesc earlier in the summer but the player said he would only move on if Barcelona made it clear they didn’t want him.

United turned their attention elsewhere, namely Cesc’s team mate Thiago Alcantara, but having missed out on the 22 year old over the weekend United reportedly lodged a £25m offer for Cesc yesterday.

But Barcelona are set to disappoint United yet again after Tito Vilanova said that the midfielder would not be leaving the Nou Camp:

“I know he has received offers from other teams.

“But Cesc has told me he wants to stay here. He has told me it is his dream to stay with Barcelona.”

“He doesn’t want to go to other teams for money reasons or playing time. He knows there is competition for places here, but his decision is to stay. I am relaxed about the situation.”

Since joining Barcelona in 2011, Cesc has struggled for playing time in his favoured position but with Xavi ageing and Thiago being sold, Cesc could be better suited biding his time.


20 responses to “Cesc Transfer Saga Dead Before It Even Begins”

  1. ruk says:

    Ah well shall we go for felllaini now?

  2. Steve says:

    Utd seem to be using an old arsenal tactic of pulling the wool over the fans’ eyes by making it seem that the club are after some ‘big’ names but are in fact chasing players they have little or no chance of getting. Baines, Thiago, Fabregas, who next? Bale? It’s no wonder Gollum is comfortable with the present transfer situation, it’s about as productive as it was in his previous role as the Everton manager. In fact it wouldn’t surprise me if we make a transfer deadline swoop for Jelavic, Hibbert and Gibson!!

    • andrew says:

      spot on steve. fabregas bid was laughable. it is all about trying to make us believe that they are willing to spend big. surely the pr man utd are getting by being rejected time and again is worse than the pr of not bidding at all. reallisticly we should be going for modric baines and maybe fellaina. 3 obtainable targets who would stregnthen our team hugely. piss off glazers.

    • red astair says:

      Steve, please don’t write such things as your last sentence, Gollum might be reading and we don’t want to give him any ideas.

  3. pjch says:

    Yet another player snubs United. What is up with the club that they can’t attract players like Thiago and Fabregas. We have been told time and again that we have lots of money to spend but where is it? Who are we going to end up with this season? Remember fergie saying that there was no value in the market – poor excuse in my opinion. Now we are waiting for another excuse coming from Old Trafford for not signing a world class midfielder.

    • red astair says:

      We had an excuse from Moyes about Thiago. He supposedly thought Thiago wouldn’t adapt to the EPL. Perhaps it’s more about Moyes being unable to adapt to Utd.

  4. pjch says:

    Now I hear Strootman has signed for Roma.

  5. Andy says:

    Unfortunately Steve has it spot on.

    We bid on top players that we know in advance we won’t get,then the Spindoctor woodward can say “look there’s no limits here,we go for all the stellar signings”.Moyes is the perfect stooge to perpetuate this fraud,the guy is used to penny pinching owners.No wonder we didn’t go for Mourinho or Guardiola,no way would they have accepted a situation of Champagne expectations on a lemonade budget.

    I really wonder who we’ll end up getting,Strootman was a definite option but he ends up at Roma ffs.I can see this dragging on for weeks,before we panic buy some C-Grade players.Just how hard can it be to upgrade our midfield really?

    The common sense thing would be to approach Bayern,they must have about 7 or 8 centre midfielders there now,any 1 of which would be a massive be honest,if we’re not going to bring in top quality,we might as well just bring through the likes of Lingaard,Powell and Januzaj,we might not win much for a couple of years but surely better than watching Anderson blowing after 10 minutes again this year.

    • red astair says:

      I would be happy if Moyes came out and said that he was giving the likes of Powell, Lingard and Januzaj a chance. I think most Utd fans would be patient. I would much prefer this than Moyes buying some second rater like McCarthy and keeping the young talent in the reserves until they get fed up, leave and become world class somewhere else.

  6. red astair says:

    I read an earlier report that Barcelona were surprised that Utd had made a bid for Fabregas, because they knew nothing about it. It was a similar story with Thiago, no official bid and the same with Strootman. Fabregas was quoted a few weeks ago saying that he didn’t want to leave Barca, so even if they had bid, it would’ve been pointless. At the beginning of the transfer window I was hoping for Strootman, Wanyama and Erickson,I thought these were realistic targets, now 2 have gone and I doubt we’ll go for the third. I give Moyes at most 3 years, after which he’ll become Scotland manager and we’ll be fighting Everton for 6th place.

    • Andy says:

      Ericksen is in the last 12 months of his contract,a far more realistic target ,for about £15 million, than Fabregas.Not the same quality yet,but plenty of potential and better than Cleverly already.

  7. Angu says:

    Another miss in one of the best midfielders, can somebody tell me , do you bid for player before talking to them, what a shame iwonder if moyes will get any potential player this summer, am very dissapointed.