Date: 20th July 2013 at 4:07pm
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Cesc Fabregas

Sky Sports are reporting that Manchester United will not be deterred in their chase for Cesc Fabregas, and have returned with an improved offer for the midfielder.

David Moyes confirmed that Manchester United were chasing Fabregas in a press conference during the week, prompting Barcelona vice president¬†Josep Maria Bartomeu to declare Fabregas ‘non transferable’ and state that the Catalan club would not entertain any offers.

But United have upped the ante and according to Sky Sports returned with a £30m bid including add ons in an attempt to prize Cesc away from his home club. The add ons are thought to bring the fee close to the £35m figure that Barcelona are thought to want before considering a deal.

United seem intent on getting the former Arsenal captain and if reports earlier in the week are to be believed, Barcelona may soon find themselves in a position that United’s interest is too good to turn down and will have to start doing business with Moyes.


82 responses to “BREAKING: Manchester United Make Improved Offer For Cesc”

  1. ChrisW says:

    Is this the improved offer Barcelona are reported as having rejected or a new improved improved offer?

    This is getting ridiculous. Clearly Barca won’t sell and the player does not want to move. Whoever we go for next will know he is third choice and might say no for that reason.

  2. matthew says:

    U people don’t know nothing I swear lol rooney is not my fav player so before use talk your bs rooney has nothing to prove not even moyes because moyes is taking a job that’s left by a legend so give moyes 2 years to 3 and as for rooney well I agree he should go course he wants out he rooney is a attention seeker and hates when limlight aint on him but news for rooney no one is bigger than man utd so even if u are on bench deal with it u get so much wages chill out big boy roo

  3. mekonnen says:

    don’t west time if rooney will not stay let him go and bring, Bale,Fabrigas,Felanin &Bens befor it becom late.

  4. ibechone says:

    we must get bale if rooney must leave.go for feliani instaed of fabregas who believes dat playing for baca wil giv him room to be in spainish first eleven.

  5. owoeye holluwasheyi says:

    as at the curent situation of things now.if rooney insist dat he iz going let hm go. we need to get bale at al cost.felani or fab sud aizo bn link 2 untd to improve the midfid

  6. akash says:

    I think rooney if he want to go let him leave also nani,anderson and brough bale do everything david moyes and united owner we want bale.

  7. Abdullahi Isah says:

    The Rooney’s name getting boring in my ear now,i hate to hear this name again,let him go anywhere he want, but exclude Chelsea,Man city, and Liverpool from his suitors,and sign Bale,Fellaini,and Baines.

  8. Benevolent says:

    Man u 4life, before rooney leave, david moyes ve to sign bale and fabregas wit fellinie, moyes is waisting time on transfer market, he has to act fast, we utd fans are angry, moyes have to be serious now on fabregas and bale, he should not relax. Act like a wouded lion moyes

  9. wisdom says:

    rooney rooney roneey am tired about his troubles is right time we let him go. And moyes is a slow with the way am seing him every player he wants to buy finally he will not buy alex should ve stock manutd with big shoes before he leaves us and i think quality players dont believe in moyes dats my take for now.

  10. jamilu chief says:

    i like bale fabregas felleni