Date: 24th July 2013 at 6:45pm
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Thiago & Pep

Thiago Alcantara’s father Mazinho has opened up on his son’s move to Bayern Munich, following Manchester United’s failure to sign the youngster.

It was claimed that Mazinho had met United officials and thrashed out a move for his son but nothing was confirmed. Pep Guardiola then confirmed his interest in his former player and this pretty much ended any hope United had of signing the player.

Days later Thiago’s move to Bayern was confirmed and United were again left on the outside looking in.

Thiago claimed that the lure of working with Guardiola was too great, but speaking to La Xarxa Mazinho has now shed further light on the matter, contradicting claims that Moyes had not been interested in him and that Mazinho had reached an agreement with United:

“Thiago was very close to signing with Manchester United.

“They had talks. But they couldn’t find an agreement.”


20 responses to “REVEALED: Mazinho Explains Why Thiago Didn’t Join Manchester United”

  1. emma says:

    do u think ur son is good enough 2 bench any body in bayern. Let wait and see. U and inpatient son will live 2 regrett this.

  2. junior says:

    i think thiago made the wrong move by joining bayern coz there are too much midfielders there..they have sweinstiger,gustavo,kroos,gotze,martinez etc

  3. akandeolusola says:


  4. Muhammad says:

    Thiago moved to bayern in serch of firt team football so that he can make spain’s world cup squad,then sorry thiago enjoy wathcing 2014 world cup on your tv and enjoy sitting on beyern subtitute bench

  5. Pug says:

    Barca have said united didn’t even make a bid or approach, the ‘transfer’ was all paper talk so can we please stop these fucking stupid articles.

  6. sherviy says:

    Thiago went to bayern not because he wanted to play football but because he wants to b beside coach guardiola

  7. Deegullic says:

    Thiago make a very big mistake, as a father and former footballer you was suppose to guard he. Bayern midfield is bigger than Barca midfield, and he was crying for playing time at Barca do you think he will have that at Bayern thats impossible.

  8. Adinoyi says:

    Moyes was slow to sign him too, it was a big miss 4 united, something man utd will regret

  9. prince agu says:

    Well every player have a choice. But missing out on the likes of thiago with the said money given to moyes is too awful. moyes should step up his game.

  10. reza says:

    No need to give any explanation why Thiago did not join Man United. It was a lure to get a better offer from his adulated ex coach (pep Guardiola) new side. It was just a tactical move. Now it’s history. Let’s move on