Date:25th July 2013 at 4:17am
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With the success of a move for Cesc Fabregas uncertain, Manchester United are said to be looking to Germany in search of a midfielder.

United are said to be ready to make a Cesc their most expensive player ever with talk of a €40m bid for the former Arsenal star, but Barcelona have officially taken the stance that the player is not for sale with a number of people involved with the club publicly declaring that United’s attempt will be fruitless.

So if Barcelona don’t bite and decide to keep hold of the La Masia graduate, The Metro claim United will turn their attention to Borussia Dortmund’s Ilkay Gundogan.

Gundogan was linked with United back when he was still at Nuremberg in 2010 but ended up joining Jurgen Klopp’s side, but it appears Moyes is ready to try their hand with the Germans, confident that a £20m bid will be enough to secure the German international.

Former Dortmund star Shinji Kagawa apparently gave Gundogan a glowing report, reinforcing Moyes interest but you have to question the authenticity of this report, how likely is it that Dortmund will sell Gundogan, who has 2 years left on his deal, after losing Goetze to Bayern this summer?


22 responses to “Is This Manchester United’s Cesc Alternative?”

  1. Sunday says:

    Moyes we are tired for toomuch of talking, Man U should forget fabragas and sign fellani plus cabaye. Great united

  2. Damian says:

    Mr Moyes we are tired of hearing all dis rumores ples & ples stop, we are pissed off .buuuuyyy player’s hooo dis season will be hot.

  3. lagendary says:

    Mr moyes stop dis rumor we don’t nEed It we need confirmation buy players for goodness. Sake buy fellianin if cesc fail and look into german league for another mid fielder shopping

  4. Saheed says:

    Forget about fabregas go for luca modric, cabaye or fellaini.

  5. summy erickkson says:

    Moyes am tired of you oooo, u are going for player you will never buy, fabregas can never come to man utd, go to germany there are many better than fabregas

  6. Ikpa matthew says:

    Moyes, make ur talks come 2 reality we are tired of romur every 9it n day. Whereas fabrigas is not d only mid fielder in d world, go 4 luca modric, fellani, cabaye n many oda 4rm german club. We have only 6 or 5 days left 4 d transfer window 2 end. Sir take action not by mouth again. okey?

  7. Ajim Austin says:

    Mr moye,stop deceiving urself for all players you are runing after,they would’t come here,better go for player that available,stop gambling,i know is not your forth,is the forth of glazer family the owner of the club,they don’t want to spend only to make their profit,tell them to stop parading kids that can not face even chelsea,talkless barca,real madrid,last season beat my belove club 3times,shame.


    moyes we are tired get de rossi or hernanese or vidal

  9. Cje says:

    Why are we so arrogant 2 believe 20 mill would get a world class talent like gundogan ?.typical utd boardroom thinking again.just set ourselves up for another pointless round of negotiations again. utd nead to get real on player prices this summer if thet want any business done in the transfer market

  10. peter says:

    mr. moye, u are jst planning ur down fall, u are deceivin ur self. fabrigas can never play for man u. am already begining to hate u. u will fail woefully if u do not by ikey gondogan , gray and fallani