Date: 26th July 2013 at 1:20am
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Linked with a move to Old Trafford, Manchester United will be encouraged by Gareth Bale’s latest comments. 

Bale has seen his stock rise over the past few season as Tottenham’s star player and is now being linked with a big money move to Real Madrid. Reports earlier this week claimed he had agreed a 6 year deal with the club but Tottenham denied this.

Manchester United will take heart from Spurs’ comments, as they have designs of taking Bale to Old Trafford and will hope it’s second time lucky, having failed to sign him from Southampton in 2007.

United will take further encouragement from Bale’s words, speaking at an EA sport event for the new FIFA 14 game.

Asked by EA Sport who his idol growing up was, the Spurs star responded:

”Ryan Giggs. He’s from Wales, left-footed and played left-wing like I do. It was an obvious choice.

“I’ve watched him a lot over the years – he’s an unbelievable player and a true legend of football.”

With Ryan Giggs taking up a coaching role and set to hang up his boots at the end of the season, could Giggs hold the key to signing Bale?

Real Madrid have constantly used former star Zinedine Zidane to sway players, Raphael Varane was said to be set to join united before Zidane intervened and are using him to woo Bale, so could Giggs by Moyes’ ace in the hole in this instance?


71 responses to “United Star Holds The Key To Bale Signing”

  1. kenfri oshanel says:

    I thnk man utd they can secure da signature of fabrigas but to bale i dont think so.

  2. rymo says:

    Anything is possible glazier can fund this deal

  3. Big E says:

    Ronaldo for me is well better than bale but bale is up there. What bale needs to do right now is leave spurs if he wants to excel and become truly world class. Going to spain is a very good option but can he handle it. That question has many different dimentions, can he handle not being top dog, can he handle being left on the bench because of preferences, can he handle the spanish media / fans if they get on his back can he handle the price tag

  4. Donald Josephat says:

    It’s better that Moyes thinks about Bale, as good winger fit for Man united.

  5. bazza says:

    I prefer bale than ronaldo but just. I would like to see bale at old trafford but I can’t see it this season. tottenham need to secure champions league for next season for bale to stay again I can’t see that happening. but 80 mil for a football player is crazy. our governments say we are broke well maybe hit the football clubs with more tax and get us out of this.

  6. nathan says:

    Cristiano Ronaldo is a far better player than Gareth bale, his style of play and ability is beyond Gareth bales reach. But, as a man united fan, I would prefer to see bale at old Trafford next season, then wait for ronaldos contract to run out, then he can find his way home. We can afford any player in the world, nike have released that they will be willing to fund one marquee signing on top of the £1b they’ve just given us, with no limits as to who. If you go onto this site called google, search highest revenue and net worth sports clubs, you will see united are now back on top thanks to the new sponsorship deals, applying the fairplay rule, it is estimated united will be able to spend approximately £250m a season on transfers alone, which is more than what the majority of premiership clubs worth. I must admit, the scam that marca run is brilliant. Daniel levy, the most secretive snide man alive, has released that bale said, I dont care about united, I dont care about any club, I want to play for real Madrid. Yeah, the down to earth level headed man that is Gareth bale was so blunt to say that. Its balls, I’m not to say the move is off limits, as it is possible, but has no one read Gareth bales girlfriends comments? I am not moving to Spain. Is he really going to leave the two people he loves more than anything for the sake of playing for Madrid? She may be convinced, which is the only realistic possibility which bale will become a Madrid player. Whoever gets him well done you, but there’s one club which is perfect for him. The colours red, hes too good for Tottenham and it would be very stupid of him to stay, at united he will be in contention for the worlds greatest player, especially if we got gundogan, Shaqiri, and muller/kroos. All possibles I may add.

  7. Zee says:

    Buy a Christmas tree

  8. randall scott says:

    Bale would be a grewat buy for united #11

  9. kelechi salam says:

    Bale will be a boast to man united if they can convince him to sign for man united

  10. Steve says:

    it’s getting a bit boring all this rubbish abt high profile signings, the only players Moyes will sign are Baines and Fellaini, not exactly world class are they?

    we need quality in the team, Moyes cannot tell the difference between a quality player and a pub player, he needs to spend good money to get the best players!

    3rd or 4th in the prem and out of the champions league by Xmas, because of this, maybe we should sell Moyes?