Date: 28th July 2013 at 3:42pm
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David Moyes

Manchester United’s pursuit of Cesc Fabregas may finally come to a conclusion after David Moyes admitted he was unsure if United would be making another bid for the Barcelona star.

United have relentlessly chased the former Arsenal star, with Moyes going as far as publicly declaring his interest.

Barcelona have publicly insisted that the player is not for sale but many believe behind the scene a deal may be possible hence United not being dissuaded despite having a number of bids rejected.

With Barcelona confirming a decision on the player would be made after the appointment of a new manager, this week new Barcelona manager Geraldo Martino confirmed that he would not sanction the sale of the player effectively ending the saga and it seems United are finally ready to concede defeat.

Speaking ahead of United’s game against Kitchee FC in Hong Kong, United boss Moyes said:

“I couldn’t tell you if there will be another bid. Obviously we will take stock of it and consider what we are going to do next.

“But what we have here is a really good squad of players already. You mustn’t forget about the quality that is already here at Manchester United.

“Undoubtedly we are hoping to add to it. I am quite confident we will do, certainly before the window shuts.”

“I never at any time said I knew we would get him.  I just said we had made offers. They have been rejected. We will take stock from there and decide where we go from there.”

With United seemingly missing out on yet another target, Moyes will have his work cut out as he attempts to add to the squad he inherited from Sir Alex Ferguson.


8 responses to “Moyes Uncertain On United’s Chances Of Signing Cesc”

  1. ikechukwu Otiji says:

    what actually is going on in this transfer saga. Moyes act fast and sign a quality mildfield before season kick off.

  2. sol2cruz says:

    Up United, I will rather suggest that Notes should go for another alternative like luka M. other than cashing in big on Fab

  3. aungbohtet says:

    Moyes ,you ask excetly fabregas .l watch you that saga .I can’t waite .I must be know something.

  4. atanda hammed says:

    Moyes time is going on forget about fab and get best mildfid pleas

  5. Max says:

    What a fool Man Utd and Moyes have become after this latest snub. My question is are United even serious about signing a midfield? Talking off my own opinion I think Thiago Alcantara should have been Utd’s priority signing this summer. There was more than a chance that Utd would have signed (Thiago) had the club shown the same determination as Fabregas’s chase, to get a deal done. But, Thiago, has recently admitted that Utd were not seriously interested. And why did we leave biding for Cesc as soon as Thiago was sold to Barca? This is what makes me wonder are Utd really looking to bolster its midfield? There was no way Barca would sell both Fabregas & Thiago in the same summer. If Man Utd really were serious about signing a talented playmaker, today Thiago would have been in Hong Kong on tour with the rest of the squad. And if Man Utd really are throwing £30m plus for Fabregas, they should stop ‘bloody’ wasting time and bid for Dortmands Gundogan or Juventus’s Vidal !

  6. JR Alex we need you says:

    This clown gets worse by the minute. He is obviously out of his depth at United and he’s now starting to live up to his dithering Dave nickname the scousers gave him. He’s clueless and the sooner he takes his ginger backside back up the east lancs road the better. Come back Alex we need you

  7. upNorth says:

    I blame Alec, why all the lies lies lies, there is no money in the pot. Alec likes the money from glazers too much and dont get me started on david (yes man) moyes!!

  8. JR Alex we need you says:

    Yes what a tosser he sounded when he said Alex called me to his house and I thought he was going to take one of my players. I really thought you Nob, better not be acting like that when Jose comes calling for Rooney.