Date: 2nd August 2013 at 5:53pm
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Ronaldo could possibly rejoin United this summer

Yesterday news broke that Manchester United were pursuing an £80m move for Cristiano Ronaldo, and whilst the source (The Daily Star) wasn’t the most credible it got United fans excited.

There are a number of things that make a return more feasible; Ronaldo’s contract situation, United wanting a marquee signing this summer and now Gareth Bale’s potential move to the Bernabeu has confirmed this.

A number of people have said that whilst it is likely that Ronaldo will play for United again, the likelihood of that happening this summer are slim. But the move has been lent credence by former Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon who confirmed to Sky Sports News that talks have been taking place between United and Real to take the Portuguese star back to Old Trafford:

“It seems that Manchester United are interested in having him back. I know there have been talks where they have expressed interest.”

Calderon has previously claimed that Real are so intent on signing Bale out of the fear of losing Ronaldo, leading people to believe that there is a chance that Ronaldo could very well leave the Bernabeu.


166 responses to “CONFIRMED: United Have Held Talks With Real Over Ronaldo”

  1. stallone says:

    Not easy as ithink but still it s possible
    I waited 4 Becks to return up to return2moro no where

  2. Habibu magaji says:

    Is’t possible? The hard way _____. but let see before the transfer windoors close.

  3. oliver,kaduna .nigeria. says:

    it will be a wellcom development i pray let be a done deal

  4. DALLAS says:

    I pray that Mr Moyes will do all his best to bring back Wander boy to old traford

  5. Abraham kuju says:

    This deal most be completed. We need C Boy back 2 OldTrafford.

  6. Dimka says:

    I wil realy apreciate him comin to us again

  7. KALLAL says:

    I Pray Mr Moyes will be smart enough to bring back wander boy to old traford Cruz we need him there ples Mr Moyes

  8. Abraham kuju says:

    Am nt jst happy with David Moyes, is too slow, may be he don’t know how 2 buy a good high players. This deal must be completed. We need C Boy back 2 OldTrafford.

  9. Lacy says:

    Seriosly;C boy will be honourably welcome 2 d theatre of dreamMoyes shuld act fast.

  10. nura umar sokoto state says:

    welcome back to ur home c ronaldo wsh u good luck wonder boy.