Date: 14th August 2013 at 4:03am
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Wayne Rooney was injured in training

Manchester United have told Chelsea that Wayne Rooney isn’t for sale at any price, scuppering Jose Mourinho’s summer transfer plans.

Yesterday we wrote of Chelsea’s interest in Samuel Eto’o as a plan b incase their move for Rooney failed to bear fruit, and today the rumours have picked up momentum with talk of a £5m move for the Cameroonian and it is believed that this is because of United stance on selling Rooney.

Daniel Taylor of The Guardian wrote yesterday that Chelsea firmly believed that the relationship between Rooney and United would deteriorate to the extent that the club would be forced to sell, but after two failed bids of £23m and £25m it is beginning to dawn on Mourinho that United aren’t willing to hear any offers for the England international.

The piece claims that The Glazer family are attempting to make a point by refusing to acknowledge any further Chelsea bids, feeling that it would make the club appear weak to cave into the pressure and sell the star to a rival team and are even willing to hang onto the striker if he goes public on his desire to leave Old Trafford.

Taylor claims that United have never placed a value on the striker, as selling him has never been an option especially not to Chelsea with last summer’s transfer business in mind. Having brought Arsenal’s star player Robin Van Persie to Old Trafford, Manchester United romped to the title with the Dutchman’s goals playing an integral part and don’t want to risk falling victim to a similar scenario with Rooney, especially as the striker is only 27 and the club feel he has a number of seasons left at the top of his game to come.

Moyes is now left with the unenviable task of reintegrating Rooney into a team said to be fed up with the disruptions the whole affair has produced. It is believed that Moyes will go public with his request that fans remember the 9 years of service Rooney has provided United in an attempt to ward off the boo boys but having handed in a transfer request just 3 years ago, this saga has left a bitter taste in the mouths of fans and Moyes’ pleas are likely to fall on deaf ears.


20 responses to “United Take Firm Stance With Transfer”

  1. andrew says:

    It wont appear weak to sell him. Get rid. One bad apple etc… Just hold out for best price off chelsea possible ie £60 mil or tout him round europe for £10mil. He shouldnt get another penny from united. I think the point here is not letting a player under contract and on £250,000 per week just get what he demands. Get in the real world rooney. You should be happy to honour your contract. Typical whinging scouser. Always the victim.

    • DDA says:

      60 million for Rooney ?? Hahaha dream on mate. We will give you 35 max! United don’t even need Rooney now. You should just let him go and use the money on bringing in a world class central midfielder because lets face it, Anderson and Cleverly don’t cut the mustard.

      • andrew says:

        I agree with all you say mate. All im saying is if chelsea want him then they have to pay silly money. (remember torres? 50 mil) . Rooney has to be worth more than him. For me happy to see him go.

      • Rapsyle says:

        35 milions for Rooney when you want more than 40 for David Luiz?!?!And DL is one of the most overrated players I’ve ever seen!!Really you think he’s better than Rooney???

  2. speed says:

    Its websites like yours which has wiped up the anger to the level it has got to.Websites like yours were very short sighted at the end of the season shouting get him out even do he was saying he never asked for a transfer, he was playing out of position last season of course he was worried about how things were going and he didnt know at that time Sir Alex would be leaving.

  3. speed says:

    Getting rid of Rooney now to Chelsea would be cutting off your nose and you know the rest of this line.

  4. Del S says:

    Any truth to rumor of Rooney to Madrid for Modric and cash??

  5. ak says:

    Rooney is a player that is not for sales for united

  6. Richer says:

    where will you get a player who gave everything for united, who can run and defend, play in midfield… Utd should not sell rooney

  7. Diablo666 says:

    It would be stoopid to sell Rooney to Chelski. He’s one of our best players!!! Any Man Utd fans who don’t want Rooney should go and follow FC Utd!

    • andrew says:

      You are the type of fan that makes the player think he is bigger than the club. What a dim witted comment. Ive been supporting united long before Rooney was born. As a fan it is my club not his. He is a servant to the club. And i appreciate the work he has done over the years but not the behaviour of the man.

      • Diablo666 says:

        Rooney’s not the type of guy who’d think he was bigger than the club. He needs confidence. Look how he reacted when Ronaldo left!! Get a grip and get behind the players and the club is which is OURS not yours!!!

  8. Hannington Omongot. says:

    Rooney is the best all-round player that I have seen on a ManU Shirt in my life time as a ManU fan.