Date: 19th August 2013 at 7:09pm
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Fellaini vs Norwich

This morning we reported on United’s failed £28m bid to sign Marouane Fellaini and Leighton Baines, a move that is said to have angered Everton who considered the double bid offensively off the mark.

Here is a photo of the letter that Everton’s Deputy Chairman John Woods is said to have sent to Ed Woodward in response to the bid, clearly outlining the Merseyside club’s stance:


It’s authenticity is yet to be confirmed but if real, Everton do not expect United to return with further bids for the player.


96 responses to “PICTURE: Everton’s Written Response To United’s £28m Bid”

  1. Lee says:

    It must be genuine, the word ‘letter’ is misspelt in the last sentence. Only an Everton board member could do that.

  2. aliyu danladi says:

    only prayer can save moyes

  3. funky says:

    What a bunch of bitter ingrates the Everton suporters posting on this thread are! Up until Fergie announced his retirement, all they did was go on about how great a manager Moyes was and what a great job he was doing there. Now that hes gone, United are never going to win anything again because Moyes is such a sh1t manager and he has suddenly become classless. Why? Its all because Ed Woodward has put an opening bid in for two of their players and they dont think its enough. It would remind you of a frumpy self conscious bitch whos man has left her for someone far more appealing. Endless entertainment!!
    Oh and if abusing the standard of english used by people for whom english is not their first language makes you feel like a big man, then you dont have a whole lot of class yourself.

    • nilsatis says:

      Of course, if Chelsea had recruited Ferguson in the underhand manner that Man Utd got Moyes, had then formally apologised for doing so, and had then made a low-ball bid for Van Persie and Rooney, Man Utd fans would all be the epitome of calm. They’d never have a meltdown over something as relatively trivial as a few missed signings…

      “Oh and if abusing the standard of english used by people for whom english is not their first language makes you feel like a big man, then you dont have a whole lot of class yourself.”

      Classless indeed – like the many Man Utd fans who’ve mocked Martinez’s use of the word “icon” when talking about Leighton Baines (which was taken out of context anyway).

      • funky says:

        If you are angry at the way we recruited your manager then be mad at United and stop slagging Moyes off because he was given the opportunity of a lifetime. He gave a lot to Everton and frankly deserves more respect. As much as I detest tapping up, EVERY club does it. Its as common as diving and trying to get opponents sent off for fcuk all and is a factor in the vast majority of transfers. Clubs always put tentative enquiries to players agents before bidding. You have to remember that Football has changed for the worse. Apart from the fans and a tiny percentage of players, EVERYBODY is in it for the money.

        Theres no point getting all upset about a low ball offer unless its accepted. If that happens then get mad at your own club. Its patently clear that these players are worth a lot more to Everton than they are to us. If im not mistaken Chelsea did indeed put in a low ball bid for Rooney, their first bid was 25m. If you look at the valuation that Everton have put on those two and what the rent boys paid the dippers for Torres then that bid is certainly derisory. Using those prices as a guideline then Rooney is surely worth 60m+ (although wouldnt get that in a million years).

        This is the first I have heard about the icon thing. He probably is an Icon at Everton.

        All being said, although Fellaini would add something to our midfield, I dont think we should buy him. And I certainly dont think we should buy Baines. He’s 29 in a few months and hes not better than Evra. On that basis I think what United offered truely reflects what he is worth to us.

        • nilsatis says:

          I’m not angry or mad at anyone – it’s just football at the end of the day. Was just pointing out that Man Utd fans would be no less bitter if the boot was on the other foot. I mean, despite Man Utd dominating English football for two decades and winning the title at a canter last season, many of them have still been spitting feathers over Chelsea’s recent bid for Rooney – while claiming with a straight face that Everton’s response to the Fellaini/Baines bid was over-the-top nonsense…

          And, sure, every club engages in tapping up, they say. However, I can’t recall another time when a club announced DURING the BUSINESS end of the season that they’d secured the services of the manager of another club, in the underhand manner that Man Utd did last season.

    • mark says:

      Neither player hav asked to leave wat makes u think they want to join united.

      • funky says:

        @Mark…If that question is for me, I never said that they wanted to move to United. I’ve just been saying that they arent good enough and I dont want them.

    • Gavin says:

      Funky, you really need to realise that a swathe of Everton fans both match attending and across the globe disliked Moyes and were glad to see the back of his percentage football and complete lack of victories in 11 years in the league away to man U, Arsenal Chelsea and Liverpool. In those 11 years he didn’t win a balloon but for some meaningless LMA awards which the fans couldn’t give a toss about as they genuinely don’t call for an open topped bus tour of the city to celebrate them. The media built up the non genius of Moyes and the fawning public who believed the plucky little Everton stories. He’s an overly defensive manager without the guile to change a game and relied on the same tactics and formation for 11 years, his long odds of trying not to lose suited Everton when he first joined but is now outdated and far below what the fans who don’t think Sky invented the game in 1992 expect or want to pay to watch.

      • funky says:

        Gavin, thanks for the insight. I dont go on Everton forums and only know a handful or two of proper Everton fans so didnt know there was much dislike for him before all this happened. I garner most of my info from comments on sites and sky/f365 etc.
        Do you think his tactics at Everton was more to do with funds/players at his disposal rather than his ability, considering his work with Preston?

        • bluebillsdeeppockets says:

          moyes was , is a defensive manager a lot of evertonians will testify as he fucked up every decent striker he’s had on his books , ie jelavic last year was expected to return to his own box to defend not for 3-4 occasions but for 90mins ,now after 30 mins of running back and forth in my book by the time he got back to where he should be he’s fucked and every decent chance he got went begging.

          most evertonians will also testify that most of his decisions regarding tactics ie subs were absolutely baffling at times and you see more defending a 1-0 lead ,other than trying to increase your lead by attacking.

          As for his funds/players ,he is a bargain basement manager ,and a lot of people say he had no money to spend but when he did have money ie lescott he fucked it up buying the likes of bilyletadinov to name one and nor does he know what his best side is and will continue picking his favorite’s regardless of who he has available ,
          but as I said elsewhere on the site ,you can expect to be playing 7-2-1 for most of this season and I wasn’t joking.

  4. Johnny says:

    Not sure Utd need Baines. Evra looked very sharp in the opening game, putting in a couple of cracking crosses, and both players are far too good to be warming the bench on a regular basis.

    Watching the Swansea game though, you are hugely lacking in centre midfield. Not surprising this is where Moyes is trying to strengthen.

    Is Fellaini the right man? I think he would certainly provide you with a presence that is currently severely lacking, and in that respect I think he would be more of an asset than Modric.

    Swansea’s midfield completely bossed the opening 30 minutes and Cleverley in particular really struggled to stamp his authority on the game.

    I think you would be surprised at what a difference having the big haired one in your team would make, particularly when played in his best position as a more defensive midfielder.

    £25m and he’s all yours. Good bit of business for both sides I think.

  5. Paul says:

    Im an Everton fan and I must say that the crest really has been reproduced very well on the letter. No vector loss or omissions. The board were right to change it. Anyway, best of luck for the season lads

  6. Brian says:

    It’s a total and utter fake, obviously!

  7. Brian says:

    Everton have stated that the bid came in before the first game of the season, and also confirmed that the rejection of the bid came soon after.
    Strange then that the letter is dated the 19th, the date when the bid and rejection were made public.

  8. elhair says:

    This bid has totally embarrassed the club. Everton are right with their dis-pleasure of it. Why we didn’t buy Fellaini when he had a buy out clause & so he can do a pre-season with us I don’t know. Braines is better than Evra who hasn’t been good for a couple of seasons defensively. But, all summer Mr Woodwood & Moyes have embarrassed the club in the transfer market.

  9. Mat says:

    Funky your a tosser of the highest degree, oh and baines pisses all over evra any day

    • funky says:

      Can you explain how Baines pisses all over Evra please Mat? As far as I can see he has done fcuk all in the game apart from being a big fish in a small pond. Very much reminiscent of Young at Villa. Remind me how his move to the big leagues is going. Has he provided value for money since he came to United. He has had his injuries but did fuck all when he has played, and he was a legend at Villa. He was by far their best player.
      Oh and I almost forgot…eat shit!!

      • Gavin says:

        Funky seriously what has Baines done? Best assist rate in Europe last season and has been the best left back in the country for at least the last two years. Remind me what Young is doing now as well, I work with Man U fans who are embarrassed by him.

        • funky says:

          Gavin, you seem like a very reasonable guy so I will spare you the shit talk! Baines had a great season last season as did Evra. Evra had 2 crappy seasons which I personally put down to the debacle with France at the world cup as he seems to be a very emotional guy. I dont see Baines one great season as him pissing all over Evra as some people here have said. I and most United fans think that Evra is the better player and as I said earlier, Baines wont take free kicks at United nor would he be involved in as much play as he enjoys at Everton. For these reasons I dont think he would replicate the most chances in a season in Europe again (I take it that is what you meant). He would probably get more than 5 assists though.
          I have addressed Young above and agree with you and your work mates that he is not good enough to play for us (we have a few more like that too). I dread seeing his name on the team sheet.

      • bluebillsdeeppockets says:

        You almost forgot that you eat shit well I never ,how could you forget you eat shit ?

      • paul says:

        You obviously know nothing about football you clown.Baines created the second most chances in europe last season,more than Messi,Xavi and Ribery.How you can compare him to Ashley Young is a joke.You will be raving about him next season.
        Oh and i almost forgot….fuck off!!

        • funky says:

          Only 5 of those chances converted Paul. That doesnt excite me. Were they half chances or quarter chances or do you think it was the fault of the players in the box? Like I said, Baines doesnt excite me at all. How can I compare him to Young? I thought that was clear from what I wrote. Both big players for lesser clubs and idolised by their fans. Also both important to the England team and seen as the best in their positions now Cashley is getting on. Young didnt make the grade at United and I dont think Baines will either.
          Oh and I like what you did with my line…very clever!!

      • Mat says:

        Well basically what I’ve done is watch both of them play! and in every department baines is better, a hell of a lot better, and I don’t support everton or villa…..dick

  10. bluebillsdeeppockets says:

    Quite a few mancs sweating on signings ,guess you need to get used to it with dithery arse moyes .

    Nobody wants to sign for you anymore and you need to get used to having seven defenders hence baines, you’ll be playing 7-2-1 by the end of the season.