Date: 27th August 2013 at 11:21pm
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What’s that thing called when you feel like you’ve experienced something before?

Deja vu! That’s it!

August 2013 and it feels like it’s October 2010 all over again with news that Wayne Rooney will be offered a new deal.

For the second time the striker will be awarded a new deal after trying to angle for a move away from the club, with The Telegraph reporting that the striker will be offered an extention on his current deal that has 2 years left.

Despite still being unhappy, Rooney has accepted that he will be staying at Old Trafford and today rejected Jose Mourinho’s challenge to hand in a transfer request and force a move to Stamford Bridge, in effect putting an end to Chelsea’s pursuit.

Whilst the reports claim that a new deal will only be offered after serious review of Rooney’s performances and that he may reject the offer to open negotiations and run down his current contract, the striker who is already earns £250k a week will likely  see his earnings increase if he remains at Old Trafford, rewarded for again acting like a spoilt brat.

Well paid Mr. Stretford and Mr. Rooney!

Rooney New Contract


29 responses to “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: Rooney To Be Offered A New Deal?”

  1. Miftahu says:

    That’s gud 4 man utd

  2. Dharg1 says:

    Oldest trick in the book….. Well played

  3. seany says:

    Spoit f##ker

    • Zubair says:

      He earned it u cunt . United would be nothing without Rooney , he literally tries to do evry1s job , then if thers time he scored and does his too. Rooney at his best is RVP times 50

  4. shreyas says:

    Read this…

  5. Etas says:

    Roo u’re d real son of ur Father. Man U 4 life

  6. ChrisW says:

    It’s obvious that this wasn’t a bluff by Rooney to get a better deal nor was the 2010 fiasco. And there’s no evidence he is on £250K. If he’s on anything like that he will not be getting a rise.

  7. donkor sebeh isaac says:

    great deal that would be

  8. ebou says:

    Roo this is your home no matter wat we UNITED loves you

  9. micheal says:

    Love u rooney,u rily showed a good display against devils for life