Date: 18th September 2013 at 12:15pm
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Wayne Rooney

Last night following Manchester United’s 4-2 win over Bayer Leverkusen, Wayne Rooney gave an interview that has seemingly caused outrage amongst United fans.

Having already told Gabriel Clarke that he would just like to concentrate on his football, Wayne Rooney seemingly got flustered when he was asked if he had asked to leave over the summer.

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Rooney was right to get angry; having told Clarke that he would just like to concentrate on his football, the ITV man decided to push with a line of questioning that was designed to be inflammatory.

A truly double edged sword, had Rooney said he had wanted to leave he would be implicating himself, undoing the work he has been doing to put the issue behind him. But had he denied it, he would then have been accused of calling Sir Alex Ferguson a liar, a scenario that doesn’t bear thinking.

I saw one person take his reaction to this line of questioning to mean that he would be pulling the same stunt this coming summer, and attempt to leave United. Whilst this may be true, you can look at the other parts of the interview and make up your own mind.

He hails the fans and their reaction to him, claiming he would like to repay them with performances. He also hails the club, talking of his pride in scoring his 200th goal at Old Trafford:

“I’m pleased to have scored 200 goals for a club like Manchester United.”

Rooney later added that he hopes to score many more at the club.

That segment of the interview was bad, but he had every right to react how he did, whilst I have lost patience with Rooney and was for him leaving this summer, I can accept that the picture being painted of this interview is one to further soil his name.

I won’t clutch at straws, Rooney has done enough to be disliked by fans, we don’t need to make things up.


One response to “VIDEO: Stop Clutching At Straws With That Wayne Rooney Interview”

  1. Björn says:

    I just don’t understand this hostility towards WR!? Earned to be disliked by fans?
    You must be joking! The thing is we never get to know what’s REALLY happened. If Ferguson played Rooney where he didn’t want to play, does he not have the right to be unhappy? Players are players. It’s a job!!!! Fans are fans! Heuge differance.
    Now Moyes play Rooney on the spot where he want to be, and boy does he do it well?! 🙂
    So let him play and leave him be!
    PS! A players greatnes has nothing to do with solidarity. It’s all about performance! DS!
    Red Devils for ever.