Date: 26th September 2013 at 10:51am
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David Moyes has fired back at people criticising him for not playing Shinji Kagawa.

The Japanese player started in last night’s win over Liverpool, playing on the left before moving into a more central role.

Much has been made of Moyes decision not to play Kagawa, with some fans even going as far as starting a “Free Shinji” campaign but Moyes has refused to bow to pressure, and continus to use him as he sees fit

Whilst Kagawa showed rust, he improved as the game went on and Moyes feels the performance vindicates his decision, as he claims Kagawa still looks off the pace:

“He did OK. I thought he grew into the game a little bit more.

“There were bits which I was pleased with, and bits where we were looking for a little bit more. Overall, he’s still getting back.

“A lot’s been said (about his lack of playing time), but I think most people who watched would say he’s still short of being really at full match fitness.”


16 responses to “Moyes Fires Back At Kagawa Critics”

  1. manufan says:

    Yes Kagawa real position where he shine is in central play him in central not as left winger.

  2. akash says:

    Moyes a big request to you as united fan i have watched kagawa playing for dortmund his real place is in central midfield even in japan he play in midfield then play him behind striker because he can score goals and give good passes don’t play him in as winger. Play him in central midfield then you will see how he play. He like 1-2 passes and in united we got player these type of player cleversly,ando even fellaini. Like barcelona and arsenal does.

  3. Sanguine says:

    Plz moyes play kagawa on his real position he wil gve us positive squard.u can see him he was impressed than wingers we got now.

  4. James T. says:

    What a shitty fucking coach… he just basically said “I told you so”, to the fans who want to see Kagawa play… how about you show him a little support you dipshit, instead of taking a swipe at him to justify yourself?

    not sure what his issue is with Kagawa really… wake the fuck up… he is not the one losing you games! 2 wins, 90% pass success, 5 Key Passes. His sloppy touches, and poor teamwork will only improve if you give him chances on the field to gel with the rest of the starting 11.

  5. funsho says:

    I fear for manchester united but I remain convinced the club will ride out this storm. It is obvious that the new manager is out of his depth. His provincial approach to man management his tactical rigidity and his stubborness in the face of superior advice and empirical evidence means he has his job cut out . Shinji Kagawa is the player who holds the key to unlocking stubborn defences and whose style should be the lynchpin of our attacking play. Instead I see an emphasis on Wayne Rooney who wants to be the main man through who all our play goes. Playing 4 4 2 today is tactical anarchy if I may say so. last year people forget how much flexibility Alex Ferguson Rene Meulensteen and the coaching crew exhibited in the use of formations. 4 2 3 1. 4 2 1 3. Diamond. 4 4 1 1 . 4 1 2 3 . Now with a rigid set up it is easy to breach our straight lines. And what you get now is a ponderous united who are so obvious that WBA can carve US open just like that for both of their goals in Saturdays match. The world has changed . Football too. A look at most of the goals conceded under David Moyes reveals a trait similar to his Everton sides . Passing sides take us apart easily. In retrospect his greatest mistake is adopting the old fashioned idea of making the players have to impress him keeping a wall between him and them turning on them in public and claiming the team are not good enough. His inability to see that this is a dangerous trend and that he should be be fitting into the united fabric first of all is childish. Sacking a crew which won the club three premierships two league cups and the Champions league and replacing them with former evertonians is crazy. United is not where they were when Fergie joined US and he wont have the luxury of time. The debt load on the glazers necks will see to that.