Date: 29th September 2013 at 12:12am
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Following Manchester United’s 2-1 defeat at home to West Brom, David Moyes has cast his doubts over Manchester United’s ability to win the Champions League, claiming the team is shy of world class players.

September has yet to end and United have already lost 3 games in the league, but following today’s defeat attention now turns to the continent.

United won their first game in Europe, comprehensively beating Bayer Leverkusen but face a tough trip east to face Shakhtar Donetsk and whilst may progress from their group Moyes feels history is against his side as they lack the strength previous winner have shown:

“To win the Champions League you have to have five or six world-class players.

“If you look at Bayern Munich, they have five or six really ­world-class players, and to win it you might have to have that in your squad.

“Look at Barcelona, who had it in the past, and Real Madrid have maybe got it now.

“That’s the level you have to get at to win it. We’ve not got that yet. What we have got is experience and several players who are in that category or close to it.”

Whilst this may be the case, I question Moyes’ timing in making this statement.

After a loss like the one suffered at Old Trafford today, I don’t think fans are expecting to hear the manager talking down his chances of winning another competition.


26 responses to “Moyes: United Lack World Class Players”

  1. ak says:

    No evans,kagawa,henandez and buttner are the futur. Rio ferdinand, giggs should retired and sold A.young he isn’t deserve to play for manutd.

  2. felps says:

    moyes leave man utd

  3. kenn says:

    thot this white man had all the time in the transfer window to buy players..u ended up buying your fellow clown for a higher fee..c’mon old blonde, this club ain’t for U.

  4. Man Utd Ace says:

    Yes. We are lacking World Class Players and World Class Manager

  5. chigozie says:

    Make due with what you have now till January transfer.

  6. Lucky Boaz says:

    Moyes had all the time during the summer to buy atleast one or two world class players, now he is saying Man U lacks world class players.. He should be out of his mind.

  7. gezzy zamany says:

    Iz a stupid man 2 say united lack world class players…were he nt der wen d transfer window wz open, y didn he persuade d chairman 2 buy world class players….we nid moyes out

  8. BAADSHA says:

    D Moyes, you are embarrased, got no more ideas to overcome your mistakes after mistakes You failed to sign new players in summer transfer, you should explain this situation before you sign for Manchester United in May 2013, Manchester United has all the world class player, but UNFORTUNATELY MANCHESTER UNITED DON’T HAVE A WORLD CLASS COACH/ MANAGER TO TAKE THEM TO WORLD CLASS STANDARD ..!!!!!! You don’t tell us to look at Pep Guardiola, How many CUPS HE HAS WON AND HOW MANY CUPS YOU HAVE WIN IN 11 YEARS AT EVERTON ????????? MANCHESTER UNITED SHOULD GET RID OF YOU DAVID AND ALL YOUR BUNCH OF CLOWNS, You don’t have any ideas / tactics / strategies,visions. Man U is not shy of World Class players, BUT THE WORLD CLASS PLAYERS DOESN’T WANTS TO PLAY UNDER YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sir Alex Ferguson built up Man United for 26 Years, AND YOU RUINED IT IN 16 WEEKS..!!!!!!!!!

  9. ak says:

    Moyes look don’t panic just remember one thing these player is the backborne of united the should not be replace in case if we are winning are rest them for big match. The player is
    rafael,vidic,evra in defences
    valencia,carrick in midfield
    rooney in attack.

    Rafael and valencia have great understanding they help each other both in attack and defences.

    For evra now you must know why sir alex play him every match and still looking for his replacement.

    For vidic he is the boss not ferdinand. Vidic you can pair him with evans,jones or who you want but he must not be bench or sub. The rotation mean changing partner but vidic should remain right there no replacement in case of injuries.

    And final rooney we are bless that we have w.rooney in man utd and you know well what rooney can do. We all fan love him.

    Fellaini he will take little time to adapt and then he will become regular just like carrick.

    All the best moye for champion league match and i hope to see these player which i have mention.
    As united big fan i don’t want united to lose such match but i understand he don’t know the player very well.

  10. Tom says:

    I’m not shocked by some of the fans reaction to everything he says. Moyes really took on the impossible job where he was in a no win situation. If he started really well then people would have said it was because of Ferguson, and as it happens, we have started badly and everyone wants to put the knife in.

    I know Moyes is a 100% correct with what he has said about our CL chances this season. Man Utd are not contenders for the Champions League because the current team is not good enough. Is that Moyes fault? No is the answer. We are not going to win the Premiership title this season and that is not Moyes fault either.

    Anyone who took on this massive job, and it was literally the impossible job of taking over Sir Alex Ferguson, was going to struggle. We chose Moyes because he has experienced hard times before and has managed to come through them in a stronger position. I know Man Utd and Everton are on a different level, but we have to trust Moyes and give him time to improve this situation. It’s not great being in this position, but it was always going to happen after Ferguson left.

    Also Ferguson is not completely without fault, as he didn’t really leave Man Utd in the strongest position, despite what some people might think. Moyes has probably been surprised by the lack of quality in the squad. I mean he took over the champions of England, but if we are really honest, we all know this is not a great squad. Since Ronaldo left we have not been that good, and we may have won another two titles, but that’s mainly due to the opposition being poor rather than us being so great.

    The road ahead is going to be hard but it will hopefully bring about change, and we might finally start bringing in better quality of footballers, and start playing better football. Moyes has shown a lot of respect since arriving, but his mistake has been showing too much. We need change and the hard task of rebuilding job this squad belongs to Moyes.

    We need to bring some calmness to the situation, we are not going to win the Champions League. The focus has to be on recovering the League position and getting some wins on the board, so we can finally get back towards to the top 4. We need to work hard and ensure we get in the top 3 this season. We need to focus on winning the League Cup and FA Cup this season as well. Moyes also needs to use the next two windows and bring in 5-6 top class players into the squad for next season.