Date: 30th September 2013 at 4:27am
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Remy Cabella

It appears that Manchester United have learned from this summer’s transfer debacle, and have begun actually sourcing alternatives in the very possible case that their transfer plans don’t actually come to fruition.

United employed the  “if at first you don’t succeed try and until you become a laughing stock” plan and it worked a treat after Barcelona and Cesc Fabregas were harassed like the girlfriend of a clingy boyfriend. Having seen that fail, United scrambled around Europe looking at all and sundry then eventually settled for the girl next door, Marouane Fellaini.

This time though United won’t be caught with their proverbial pants down!

United are said to be interested in pursuing Athletic Bilbao’s Ander Herrera again come this January but with the Basque club known for being hard to deal with, could turn their attention to France.

Club Call claim United will pursue Montpellier’s 23 year old playmaker Remy Cabella if a Herrera deal can’t be struck in an effort to add a creative spark to the midfield.

The midfielder has picked up the slack after Younes Belhanda left for Dynamo Kiev and hasn’t done too bad a job apart from on Thursday of course, when United ran the rule over him in his side’s 0-0 draw with Rennes.

Given a 4/10 by Maxifoot who claimed that Cabella missed passes, made bad decisions and let the game pass him by, Cabella definitely made the kind of impression you want to make on potential suitors!

Valued at €100m by his boss, I think I’d rather we stick with Anderson than pay that!


45 responses to “United Find Herrera Alternative”

  1. henok says:

    in ma thought united should leave moyees he couldnt do anything not only game he cannt give motivatiob at least .do u remmeber untds’ in the last 15 min they became energitic, powerful etc. so pls untd owners should have change him and all members includnig edwardow and finally untd should buy one central defender and two midfileder. and also kagwa should take his place!

  2. ole gunnar solskjaer fan says:

    We should give moyes a chance to prove. He don’t know all the player well and we as united fan we should help him by commenting or suggest him which players should play and kept giving our line-up that sir alex used offen last year. Remember all player is the same we suggest of line up so that he make his best 11. We have to gave him time till the another transfer window doesn’t open if doesn’t make any impact then we can protest to sack him. But for now we must help him. Keep commenting by send him the best strong team .

    • austin okon N says:

      i don’t think that moyes is doing good as a united manager just as sir Alex Ferguson was doing,i think that we utd fans should advise him to take his part as a manager of a great club MAN UTD FC.

  3. Badali says:

    Sack em now!!!!! Bet u guys anything dat utd under moyes won’t make it in top 4!

  4. kagawa krew says:

    Sack Moyes Now He’s RUBBISH rio RUBBISH evra RUBBISH young RUBBISH sack shrek the traitor he’s RUBBISH felover RUBBISH The vampires the Glazers RUBBISH

  5. Jarjaro says:

    I love you guys for your opinion……..moye is not the right man for united,and he doesn’t want to learn from sir Alex.united is a big team and a fabulous team that people want to watch, united comity should do something bcos it get too late.united 4 life

  6. stewart says:

    united are an attacking team and playing two defensive midfielders wont work.

    fellani is shit and does nothing but stare at the ball!

    moyes should buy better players!

    we need one defensive midfielder and I would pick carrick everytime!

    people say give moyes time SAF was given time.

    SAF didn’t have a league winning team and world class players.

    why try fix something that isn’t broken?

    moyes I think made a big mistake signing fellani, he is not Manchester united type player.

    we could have got pep in but now we are stuck with moyes and fellani!