Date: 7th December 2013 at 2:36am
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Wilfried Zaha Norwich

Athletes and Twitter has always been a volatile mixture.

There is a long list of athletes that have fallen foul of authorities for misuse of the social networking site and whilst Wilfried Zaha’s comments yesterday are nowhere near as bad as some of the past transgressions that have seen athletes fined and even lose their jobs, it goes some way to vindicate Sir Alex Ferguson’s stance on the social networking site.

The 20 year old has found himself out in the cold following a £12m move from Crystal Palace in the summer and no matter how bad Antonio Valencia, Ashley Young et al play he just can’t seem to get a look in. It has been claimed that a relationship with David Moyes daughter was the source of this, although talk of the winger not being ready have also been presented as the reason.

Zaha took to Twitter to whole heartedly deny rumours that he had slept with Manchester United manager David Moyes’ daughter, stating that he would play for United when the manager deemed him ready.

Zaha has previously denied these rumours, but yesterday was the first time he confronted them explicitly but you have to question the logic of the move.

It appears erratic at best, in the same vein of Ravel Morrison’s tweets in regards to rumours of items being stolen from the Manchester United changing room.

Having previously denied the rumours, I feel it may work against him that he took to Twitter to again address them and I doubt United manager Moyes will be too happy that his daughter has been thrust into the limelight, even if Zaha claimed that he had never met her.

His action lacked a maturity, aged 21 that’s no crime, I can assure that neither then (nor now) am I a bastion of maturity and that goes for most people too, but what’s happened has happened and the consequences, if any, will have to be dealt with.

The tweets appeared to be a form of catharsis for the winger, he has washed his hands of the matter and now appears to be ready to push on and it comes at no better time. United are in desperate need of a kick and he could be the person to provide it.

Losses are never going to be well accepted at Old Trafford, but losses with dull football are sin and at the moment United are looking uninspired. When Adnan Januzaj broke into the first team this season, he brought an excitement that raised the spirits of the fans and team. United are in need of a lift now and with our wingers as ineffective as ever (Antonio Valencia has attempted 53 crosses in the PL this season, 8 have been accurate) now could be Zaha’s time to make his mark.

He impressed in Monday’s u21 game against Blackburn, finding the net in the 2-0 win, so he will have earned a place in Moyes’ team against Newcastle if presented with the chance.

Having relinquished the burden of that rumour, Zaha is free to kick on and kickstart his United career the ball, as it always has been, is in manager David Moyes court. As Zaha said it’s up to him to get the best of his now unshackled winger.


3 responses to “Despite His Mistake Zaha Can Be Moyes’ Ace In The Hole”

  1. Victor Maisiba says:

    Moyes u’l regret in ua life to waste this talent,ZAHA.

  2. festus says:

    does he knw wht is right, dull moyes

  3. michael carter says:

    its pain me a lot whn eva I see’s wilfred warming man utd bench.zaha is a top class winger,stylish/skillsful nd wil solve al we require in the wing.I think buyin matic or marco reus is a waste of we require is to let valencial nd young open dier door of exit 2 pave way for either of marco reus or matic