Date: 30th January 2014 at 3:16am
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Manchester United winger Nani could leave United in this transfer window, with Manchester United ready to negotiate a deal with Inter Milan for his signature.

Nani, who signed a new 5 year deal during the summer, has failed to hold down a place in David Moyes’ side, making just 8 league appearances, and with Juan Mata joining last week from Chelsea could see his chances limited further.

The Portuguese winger is said to be on Walter Mazzarri’s wish list, with Sky Sports Italia claiming Inter opened talks with United yesterday afternoon.

Sky Sports Italia also claim that United are willing to sell the 27 year old before Friday but only if they can get the right price, a fee set to be higher than the £8 being offered during the summer due to his new contract.

Nani would join a growing list of players shown the door by Moyes, with Anderson joining Fiorentina on loan, Fabio joining Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s Cardiff and Wilfried Zaha following him, albeit on loan.


12 responses to “REPORT: United Open Talks With Inter For Winger”

  1. akash says:

    Yes let him go and buy central midfielder that it.

  2. maccared says:

    Real shame if this story is true.. I think given the opportunity and backing he should be retained..remember people, this guy is a champions league and multiple premier league winner who at 27 is in the prime of his playing career..rather get rid of donkey Kong Moyes with his negative style..guys like nani thrive on real attacking style but old Bart Simpson has turned us champs into u really buy into this idea that we have a shit team? Only one I would say is shit is cleverly otherwise blame Bart for getting rid of our boot room with guys who have no experience of elite football..

    Our players are physically overtrained and thats the reason we look lackluster in games..also the major reason for all our injuries..

    David Moyes aka Bart Simpson..please resign as they won’t sack u out of principle! Your doing a souness on us

  3. akash says:

    News coming that moyes want d.costa a striker i hope it false these news. We got great striker we need central midfielder now

  4. akash says:

    United striker is strong we need to make our central midfield area strong too. Moyes should buy atleast one central midfielder

    • daddy says:

      Moyes doesnt want united to b in champions lg next season,he doesnt need any body to tell him to buy central mflder.for wat we have gone tru he is stil dere talkin about summer.luk at d way united is playing as if dey dont train together moyes shud give way for a better manager,pls moyes u r killin united.he is nt worried even if we did nt make it to champions league.

  5. ak says:

    Moyes i request you please played j.lingard in first team atleast once. I have said it before when progba was here. But fergie gave him two match and rest him that why he leave and now he is the best player. We have januzaj and j.lingard,powell. Please for god sake trust me as united biggest fan played j.lingard

  6. ak says:

    Seriously now my eye in open i think practical. We have won the league title past year. I don’t care now that we will not win it this year. But hope we qualify for champion league. Build the team moyes. And i seriously think its time to give j.lingard a chance becoz he is ready.

  7. ak says:

    Moyes prepared a tough team for next year and make history. But want u to buy central midfielder and gave chance to young player.

  8. manufan says:

    Moyes and his coaching staff has many work to do about the united tactics and stategies. So that player like januzaj,mata,kagawa,rooney,rvp can played in same match.

    I suggest:4-3-3 or 4-1-3-2.

  9. manufan says:

    I prefer 4-1-3-2
    jones-in defensive midfield position




  10. Malouda says:

    If this story is anything to go by, then we have a serious problem in Moyes and Woodward. Looking at Nani and Young, a dead Nani is a better player than a three legged Young, so how can someone in his right senses dispose Nani and keep Young? I dnt understand, probably because Nani is not a british player.