Date: 26th March 2014 at 10:37am
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Van Der Sar Set For Ajax Role

Manchester United’s fall this season has been spectacular, made even more so by the inept man that has orchestrated it.

Last night’s game against Man City was for some a chance for Moyes to somehow salvage some credibility and guess what he failed. Spectacularly.

Former players have been somewhat kind to Moyes this season with most backing him but slowly you get the impression the tide is turning with more speaking out about United’s problems and last night we saw just that from the usually mild mannered Edwin Van Der Sar.

The big goalkeeper was part of one a United team that grew to see success as a norm so to see this incarnation of United, including players he used to play alongside must be baffling.

Prior to the game, the keeper pleaded:

The tweet sums up everything that has gone wrong this season, it is as if he knew a win was beyond us so as per Sir Matt Busby’s demands we at least entertain the fans who have shelled out money to come and see us play, something we have failed to do largely this season.

5 minutes later though Van Der Sar was online again shocked at United’s seemingly early capitulation after conceding after 43 seconds:

As you well know United failed to entertain last night slumping to a 3-0 defeat and Edwin is yet to tweet since, think Ruud or Jaap needs to pop round and see if he’s ok…


10 responses to “Edwin Van Der Sar’s Reaction To The Derby Says It All”

  1. Papa Blay says:

    Moyes is just like a very small fish in a massive pond and appears lost.??????

  2. percy says:

    Moyes should b sack,bcos is not competent at all

  3. Smd says:

    Moyes is not capable enough to coach man utd, even! Glazer made a mistake to trust fargie enough 2 choose his succesor

  4. Matthew Fairclough says:

    Let’s be honest, the game last night was an utter disgrace and however much we can chatter on about player motivation etc the fact is that the change in our fortunes has come as a direct result of Moyes’ introduction to the club. I would be happy to stand by the guy if I saw us struggling but felt we were slowly making progress and moving in the right direction. As it is all I see is a floundering team who know where they want to be (“as good as City”), but don’t have a manager who has the tactical nous or philosophy to get them there.
    As such, I feel that Moyes needs to go – he has to go. I need a concerted effort from everyone who can possibly be arsed to sign this petition and to try and spread it as much as possible – on social media or whatever other way you might want to use…the more people sign this, the stronger and more unified voice we will have outside of Old Trafford. Hopefully that’ll translate onto fans inside the stadium and they’ll start voicing their displeasure towards the Moyes regime. We already saw evidence of that happening last night for the first time… It seems that Moyes will be hard to get rid of – there are some powerful people supporting him – but as much pressure from as many different sources will hopefully rid us of this utter loser.

    Please sign and share

  5. Felix says:

    I agree with van der sar

  6. Kelechi says:

    He is a very confused man and should be relaced b@4 man utd is relegated.
    He is just a learner

  7. Tenddy ifeanyi OKORIE says:

    Moyes is a complete failure, he should be sacked

  8. David Rotimi says:

    ever since moyes as been in charge of Everton he as never competit for forth position on the league table, never for once has he reach semifinal of europa. What then makes him qualify to be a man u maneger? Give him Ronaldo and Messi, he will never qualify for champoins league. He should be sacked.

  9. Fredinanddenniso says:

    United is not for Moyes.

  10. evayoung says:

    frst nd formost, i blame sir 4 his aelfishness, by choosing an inpotent coach as his successor, secondly i blame lander brodas 4 accepting ferguson to choose Moyes as his successor, den thirdly i blame man united fans 4 wasting ther money watching man united disgrace themselves, current news, Man United set to go on relegation, nd is a good news to hear, Nonsense