Date: 28th March 2014 at 4:20am
Written by:

Moyes Verheijen
It seems can’t buy a friend right now.

The manager seems all out of credit with fans and, if the press is to be believed, players so the last thing he needed was for Dutch coach Raymond Verheijen to again pop up and shine the spotlight on his failings. Again.

Verheijen has been one of the most vocal opponents of Moyes’ appointment, frequently launching vicious attacks on his methods and tactics and last night he was at it again.

In a series of tweets, Verheijen systematically broke down Moyes’ spell at the club again ripping into his tactics (lack of), playing style and training methods as well as criticising and for endorsing/ backing Moyes before chillingly warning that and ’s visit to next week could spell the end.

Whilst one must wonder what exactly Moyes has done to Verheije to inspire such aggressive hate, it cannot be denied that there is an element of truth to his tweets.

Most worryingly is the lack of insight by those higher up at the club who can’t see some of the things Verheije tweeted about, and also the visit of Bayern Munich. Very much the visit of Bayern Munich.

The comet is coming, brace yourselves people!