Date: 20th April 2014 at 4:54pm
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David Moyes must be experiencing deja vu, as for the second time this season a fan dressed as the grim reaper has turned up at a game to pile more misery on the Manchester United manager.

A month ago as Manchester United beat Olympiacos in the Champions League a fan heckled Moyes dressed as the Grim Reaper and on his return to Goodison Park this afternoon the same has happened again.

I think they are trying to tell you something Dave!



14 responses to “PHOTO: Moyes Taunted By The Grim Reaper At Goodison Park”

  1. Dave Wright says:

    About sums it up 🙁

  2. truered says:

    We just get worse f–k off DavyMoyes Everton just shit on us time

    • jackdaw says:

      The club is going to the wall mores the pity time for changes starting at the top the man in charge is not good enough he has never had a team that was top notch time for him to f–k off

  3. terry says:

    The scum bastard needs to be fire, this is united under him,he can’t fix it, he broke it and no amount of money will change that with him in charge….the clown just doesn’t know how to win big games, nor how to motivate big players…..

    Moyes simply ain’t good enough

    Time to go

    And take those useless defenders Jones and smalling with ya, pure rubbish

    Neither of them even good enough to be half of Jonny Evans boot

  4. ak says:

    Moyes should be sack after this defeat

  5. ak says:

    Martinez is better than moyes look where is reach everton

  6. ak says:

    Glazer open your eyes sacked moyes he isn’t worth to be united coach can’t see it

  7. ak says:

    A good manager is that he can take out the best from any player or make right decision to change a match but moyes can’t do that sack him please open your eyes he isn’t worth to be given time.

  8. manufan says:

    Yes i agree if another manager replace moyes am sure with these player itself he will do good job rather than moyes

  9. manufan says:

    With player like kagawa,rooney,mata,valencia,chicharito,carrick,fletcher,januzaj,rvp,jones,rafael he isn’t able to manage them

  10. manufan says:

    On top he wanted to sell kagawa who made killer combination with mata he must be mad. Instant he must take the advantage of these player great understanding and quality that they both have